Zodiac Stones Astrology: How to Use Gemstones for Wealth, Health and Prosperity?

Zodiac stones are the gemstones used in astrology, which are worn on the body either in the form of a ring or as a pendant on the neck. These gemstones are being used in Vedic astrology from the time immemorial, as a tool for remedial measures to solve the problems related to physical, mental and mundane aspects of a person’s life. People around the world love to call them the ‘crystals that heal’ or ‘the healing crystals’.

The way the astrologers recommend gemstones in Vedic astrology is slightly different than the way they are used in western countries, where more importance is given to the sun sign.

In the eastern countries especially in India, the zodiac stones are usually worn based on one’s moon sign, the birth nakshatra (star) and the placement of planets in his/her birth chart. BTW the zodiac stones are also called ‘Astral stones’ by many.

Let’s have a look at the role of gemstones in Vedic astrology. Before continuing further let me clarify one thing. No single gemstone suits all. Each person’s horoscope is different and so are the gemstones.

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One of the most popular stones ‘DIAMOND’ represents the planet, Venus.

Wearing gemstones based on only your Rasi(sign) and Nakshatra(star) without doing a thorough examination of the horoscope, isn’t the recommended way of using the zodiac stones. This can do more trouble than good. So to prevent yourself from the unnecessary harm that may be caused by using a wrong zodiac stone, please get your horoscope analyzed by a good astrologer.

But please remember that you can’t change your destiny completely simply by using gemstones or zodiac stones. What you can do instead is, bring the ill effects of the planets and stars down to an extent and dramatically minimize or avoid the damage that they may have caused.

Similarly, you can also increase the positive effect of a certain planet or planets in your horoscope by using specific gemstones in Vedic astrology. By doing this you may be able to improve your health, wealth and relationships.

What is the Secret Behind Using Gemstones in Vedic Astrology? Why Should One Wear Zodiac Stones?

A stotra in one of the ancient scriptures, says the following about the importance of wearing gemstones. A stotra is a Sanskrit hymn or phrase.

By wearing the gem studded ornaments one can be blessed with reverence, fame, longevity, prosperity, happiness, strength and completion. Also, it removes the negative influences by the cosmic bodies, makes the wearer’s body healthy and fit, removes all kind of misery and washes away sins.

According to Vedic astrological principles, every animate and inanimate being on this earth is influenced by the planets and the stars that are in the cosmic plane. Among these heavenly bodies, 9 Grahas are the most important ones. Thess 9 Grahas are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.

Most people nowadays think Graha means a planet. But that isn’t entirely true. ‘Graha’ broadly refers to any entity that has the power to ‘take hold of or grip’ us.

According to the ancient scriptures of astrology, these ‘Grahas’ influence us by emitting certain kind of rays or frequencies in the form of vibrations.

They affect every person differently, depending on their “previous Karma” or the “Destiny”, whichever way you like to call it.

So if one can properly analyze the birth chart of a person and find out which planet is affecting him/her positively and which one isn’t, we can adjust these planetary vibrations accordingly, using the appropriate gemstones or the zodiac stones for those planets..

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We have mentioned below the type of gemstone or zodiac stone that needs to be worn for each of the 9 Grahas.

Planets and Their Respective Zodiac Stones (Gemstones) According to Vedic Astrology

  • Sun – Ruby
  • Moon – Pearl
  • Mars – Red Coral
  • Mercury – Emerald
  • Jupiter- Yellow Sapphire
  • Venus – Diamond
  • Saturn – Blue Sapphire
  • Rahu – Gomedh or Hessonite Garnet
  • Ketu – Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

How to Wear Gemstones?

Once the individual’s birth chart has been analyzed and all the planetary influences have been recorded, appropriate gemstone can be chosen. The size of the gemstone or the zodiac stone depends on the body weight of the individual.

Once the type and size of the gemstone to be worn has been finalized, you can wear the zodiac stone in the following manner.

  • Sun – Ruby – Build in gold – Wear on the ring finger.
  • Moon – Pearl – Build in Silver – Wear on ring/pinky finger
  • Mars -Red Coral – Build in gold – Wear on the ring finger
  • Mercury – Emerald – Build in gold – Wear on the little/pinky finger
  • Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire/Yellow Topaz – Build in gold – Wear on the index finger
  • Venus – Diamond/Opal/Turquoise – Build in gold – Wear on the middle finger
  • Saturn -Blue Sapphire – white/yellow gold – Wear on the middle finger
  • Rahu – Gomedh – Build in white/yellow gold – Wear on the middle finger
  • Ketu – Cat’s Eye – Build in yellow/white gold – Wear on the middle finger

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Wearing Gemstones

  • Never wear a gem that is of inferior quality or incompatible.
  • Never wear a gem that is cracked, broken or defective in other ways.
  • Never wear the gem built in a wrong metal element.
  • Always wear the gemstone with the appropriate weight which suits your body.
  • Never wear a gemstone just because you like the color, without consulting a qualified Vedic astrologer.
  • If a Yoga Karaka planet or a benefic planet in your birth chart is weaker or debilitated wearing a Gemstone related to that planet may help it becomes stronger. However, if the debilitated planet is the owner of the 6th,8th or the 12th house, please don’t wear it.
  • Don’t wear the gemstones for the planets which are present in the 6,8 or 12th house or the planets which are the lords of 6th,8th or the 12th house. As these are also called the ‘dusthana’ or the ‘bad houses’, wearing zodiac stones for the planetary lords of these houses may create more problems than solutions.
  • The planet, whose gemstone is worn, should preferably be a natural friend of the Lagna lord or the ascendant. If any planet is an enemy to the lord of Lagna (ascendant lord), the use of its gemstone may damage the concerned people who are indicated by the house owned by the planet.

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