Venus in Aries Ascendant Chart: How Does Venus Affect Different Houses?

In this post, we will discuss the effect of Venus in Aries Ascendant Kundali in different houses. Venus is a maraka Graha in the Aries (Mesha) Lagna kundali. What it means is that Venus will cause negative effects in most cases based on its position in this birth chart.

Venus in Aries Ascendant Kundali(Birth chart) in Different Houses and Its Effects

1st House (In Aries)

Venus is considered to be a Maraka Graha in this kundali. If he is in the Lagna Bhav or the 1st house the person will be attractive. Venus owns the 2nd and 7th house in this kundali. So he will affect these houses positively. Marital happiness and positive results in relation to money, family, and speech can be seen. But when during his Dasha and Antardasha he will start giving his negative effects in other aspects of life.

2nd House (In Taurus)

If Venus in Aries ascendant birth chart, is in the second house which is his own house, he will shower his blessings and cause monetary gains, family happiness and speech during his Dasha and Antardasha. But as he also aspects the house of death from here, will cause obstacles in every step of life. May also cause a clash in the family.

venus in aries

3rd House(In Gemini)

Increases the chances of having a younger sister. He/She will always be arguing with the spouse.

4th House (In Cancer)

Here the Venus is in its Karak Bhava(Because of the directional strength in this house). So he will bless the Jataka with all the luxuries like vehicle, land, property, house, etc. But will badly affect the relationship with the mother. Also during his Dasha and Antardasha, he will badly affect the profession and job.

5th House (In Leo)

Will cause the Yoga of having a daughter/girl child. Also, there are increased chances of love marriage. Will also affect positively on Dhana, Kutumba, and Vani. But at the same time, he will also cause a clash with the elder brother/sister and will cause difficulties in fulfillment of desires.

6th House  (In Virgo)

Venus in Aries ascendant birth chart becomes a Neecha (debilitated planet) in the sixth house. He will struggle in matters related to family, money and marital happiness throughout his/her life. Also will affect his daily wages in a bad way. His wife will also struggle with health problems. Much money may be spent on hospital expenses.

7th House (In Libra)

Venus here will be in his own house(Taurus and Libra) so will give favorable results. Spouse will be good looking and attractive. There will be a great attachment and understanding with the spouse. There will also be no problem with daily wages in this Jatakas life.

8th House (In Scorpio)

Here the Venus is sitting in the house of obstacles and death. So he will cause clashes and difference of opinions between husband and wife. There is no marital happiness. Chances of being away from the family are high. Shortage of money in the family may be seen. Also, the speech may be affected adversely.

9th House (In Sagittarius)

There will be a lot of good things happening in his life after marriage. And Venus here is good for his wife too. But the relationship with the father may be compromised. Chances of the foreign tour are high. Maybe in some way related to a job which requires regular tours.

10th House (In Capricorn)

Venus here may always create problems related to work and profession. He may have good effects on the spouse and marital status though.

11th House (In Aquarius)

Venus will be good for finances in this house because this is the 5th house from his Moola Trikona House which is house number 7(Libra) in this Kundali. There will be a continuous flow of income whenever needed. There may be a difference of opinions and fights with elder brother and sister. Also may increase the chances of having a daughter.

12th House (In Pisces)

Venus becomes Uccha or exalted in the 12th or the Meena Rashi. So he will great results regarding marital happiness and bed pleasures(sexual). Personal life with the spouse is going to be great. Also, great chances of settling in a foreign country and getting married to a person settled in a foreign country are high. But as he aspects the 6th house he might cause an increase in hospital-related expenses because of diseases.

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