Vastu Tips for Constructing The House of Your Dreams

Here is a collection of Vastu tips that can be used while building a new house or an office. These Vastu Shastra tips can also be used for correcting the existing Vastu defects in your place of living or place of work.

These tips are effective in minimizing the accumulation of negative forces in your surroundings, by doing which you can reduce the adversities and problems in your personal and professional life that may have been caused due to Vastu energy imbalance.

Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips for Overall Prosperity and Success in life

Here are a few of the important Vastu Shastra guidelines to remember if one wants to ensure success and prosperity in the life of the people who will be living in the newly constructed house.

Vastu Shastra Tips
  • Preferably face the north direction while working and eating. The North direction is considered the direction of success and growth.
  • East and Northeast regions of your house should never be obstructed.
  • Empty spaces in the west and south corners of your house are not good for the Vastu balance of your house.
  • Avoid sitting under the exposed beam.
  • Avoid a property that has the entry in the south-west direction, as it brings misfortune and hardships.
  • If the property is having the entry facing south-east, it may cause illness to the family members, especially females in the family.
  • Northeast is the direction for prayer rooms or pooja rooms. Don’t use it for bathrooms or kitchen.
  • The master bedroom should preferably be in the south-west corner of your house.
  • The kitchen on the northeast side of the house should be avoided, as they bring health problems to the females of the house.
  • Don’t keep electronic gadgets in the sleeping room. Also, the television in the bedroom is strictly a no-no.
  • The kitchen and toilet should be constructed as far as possible from each other.
  • Mirrors in the bedroom should be avoided.
  • Northwest bedrooms are the perfect choices for newlyweds.
  • It is best to face east while cooking. If there is no option, you can face the west. But never face south while cooking.
  • Doors of the house should never open outwards.
  • Underground water tanks should always be built in the northeast direction of the plot.
  • The width of the door should be half the height of the door
  • Bedrooms should be in the South and West corners of the house.
  • Placing mirrors on the north creates energy in the house which makes people always think about their problems and worries rather than concentrating on the positives.
  • When using colors for painting it is better to use blue, green, red and yellow. These colors promote health, good appetite, and calmness.
  • Don’t dig a well in the southwest corner of the plot. It brings bad luck.
  • Southwest location is the most auspicious one in the whole plot to build a house.
  • Northeast of your house should not have any bedrooms as this is the corner for pooja rooms and is considered auspicious.
  • Heavy objects like bed and cupboard should be placed in the south, southwest or the west direction of the house. Try to avoid placing the beds in the center of the house.

Vastu Tips for Apartments

  • When constructing a building in any plot care should be taken to make sure that it is either square in shape or a rectangle.
  • Zig-zag or irregularly shaped compound walls should never be constructed
  • Open spaces available between the compound wall and the building in any particular direction should be equidistant from corner to corner.
  • The Vastu science does not permit the mountain peak shaped or steep ceilings. Some modern architects do such designs to please the house owners. But such designs bring diseases, stagnant career and misfortunes to the family.

Vastu Tips for Positioning Doors in your House

  • North facing single doors will bring calmness and financial gains to the family. Such houses are mostly dominated by women
  • A single door at the west side brings loss of wealth and discomfort to the members of the house.
  • A single door facing south brings failures and health problems.
  • The doors of the windows should be opening outwards.
  • The number of windows should be more in the east and the norther side than on the south and the west.
  • The roof of the staircase should never be lower than the slab on the south-west corner of the house.