How To Choose The Perfect Vastu Plot Based on Its Shape?

Vastu plot means a plot that is chosen following all the major Vastu guidelines to ensure happiness and prosperity in people’s lives who are going to reside on that piece of land in the future.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration while choosing the perfect plot according to Vastu guidelines. Some of the major elements that are taken into consideration when choosing the perfect Vastu plot are

  • The slope present on the plot’s surface.
  • Nature of the soil in the plot
  • Natural and man-made structures present in the surroundings, etc.

Another important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration while choosing the perfect Vastu plot, which most people usually forget, is the shape of the plot.

Vastu Shastra scriptures say that if a wrong shaped plot is chosen to build a house or a building, it can have negative effects on the people residing. And that’s why we have included a few Vastu guidelines below that need to be remembered while choosing the perfect Vastu land.

vastu plot

Vastu Guidelines for Shape of the Plot

Rectangle Plot Vastu

A rectangle plot is considered good according to Vastu. The houses constructed on such Vastu plots give wealth and success.

But proper care should be taken to ensure that the ratio of the width of the plot to its length is 1:2 and is not more. If that proportion is more than 1:2, then the results may be inauspicious for the house.

Square Plots

Square shaped plots are considered to be the best kind of plots for the construction of houses, according to Vastu principles. A house built on such land is said to bring all-around prosperity for the members residing in the house.

Patlakar Plots

Plots in which the ratio of the length of the plot to width is 3:1 or more are called Patlakar plots. Such Vastu plots are considered to be not auspicious for house construction.

Triangular Plots

According to Vastu guidelines, triangular-shaped plots are believed to be extremely inauspicious for building houses.

Circular Plots

Circular shaped plots are considered very auspicious in Vastu. But they are rarely found.

If a circular house is built in circular plots it may give rise to enormous wealth and happiness. Construction of square or rectangular shaped houses on a circular plot is not recommended.

Semi-Circular Plots

While circular plots are considered to be auspicious, they will give negative results if they are semicircular in shape. Semi circular Vastu plots may cause fear of enemies, thefts, and loss of wealth.

Quadrangular Trapezoidal Plots

Quadrangular trapezoidal plots are considered to be very good for the construction of the house. These will bring all-round happiness to the inmates of the house.

Similarly, hexagonal, octagonal and quadrilateral plots are considered auspicious whereas rhomboidal, fan-shaped and bow-shaped lands are considered inauspicious.

Plots that have a wider area at the front when compared to the backside are considered good for business and commercial buildings but are not suited for residential purposes.

You can talk to a Vastu consultant for more information about the same.