How Vastu of the House Is Affected By The Surrounding Nature?

In this article let’s get to know how Vastu of the house is affected by nature and its various elements. As you already know our life is greatly affected by the surrounding environment we live in.

A house or any other construction/building for that matter is deeply affected by the vibrations of the other objects in its vicinity. Hence Vastu has given great importance to the surrounding environment and has laid out specific guidelines based on the positive and negative effects brought upon us by mother nature.

Basically, our surrounding environment consists of 2 kinds of formations.

  • Natural Formations
  • Man-made formations

In this post, we will see how the formations of nature affect our lives.

vastu of the house

Effects of Natural Formations on Vastu of The House and Our Lives

Natural formations like mountains, rivers, trees, plants, etc affect the Vastu of the house we live-in to varying degrees, at different directions/positions, relative to the house.


If a mountain happens to be exactly in front of a house it is called “Tat Vedhe” in Vastu. If such a situation occurs, then the Vastu of the house is said to be affected negatively. The residents of such a house may have to go through diseases and other miseries.

If a house happens to be on the peak of the mountain or on a mountain slope or near the bottom of the mountain then the residents may have to go through financial crises.

Following are the effects of “mountain” in various directions of a house


A mountain in the North gives negative effects on Vastu of the house. It blocks all the positive energies from entering the house. It may cause financial crises and reduced income.


Mountain in the East gives similar effects as in North. Wealth and health will deteriorate if construction is carried out on such a Vastu land or plot.


A mountain in the South direction is considered to be auspicious for the Vastu of the house and for people living in it. Women of the house may greatly benefit if a house is constructed in such a place.

Mountains in the south direction of the house may also improve the overall health of the people living in it. It is said to bring the name, fame and good reputation for the family members.


This is an auspicious place for a mountain to be. It affects the Vastu of the house positively. Men in the houses built on such land will greatly benefit.

North East

A mountain in the North East is said to affect the Vastu of the house negatively. Businesses may be severely affected causing a heavy loss.

South East

Mountain in the South East gives mixed effects. Mountain in the East South East causes negative effects on men in the family whereas a mountain in the South-South East direction is considered auspicious for the Vastu of the house.

South West

Mountain in the South West of the house is definitely auspicious for the people living in it. All around prosperity is waiting for the members of the family who build houses in such plots.

North West

West-North-West mountain brings positive effects on the career of women of the house. Whereas a mountain in the North-North-West is said to cause misery in life.

Effects of Trees On The Vastu of The House

A condition in which a tree is situated directly in front of the main gate is called “Vraksha Veda/Vedh” in Vastu Shastra. This condition is said to bring inauspicious effects on the residents of the house, mainly on the children of the family. If the shadow of the tree falls constantly on the house from 9 am to 3 pm it may result in constant tension among the members of the family.

Trees in the West and South of the house are considered good for the Vastu of the house whereas a tree in the North and East may bring inauspicious effects.

If a tree has plenty of fruits or thorns and happens to be near the house it is considered bad for the family.

Also, Milk-producing (milk refers to the white discharge exuding fro the trees) trees in front of the house destroy wealth whereas thorny trees and plants at the same position may give rise to the fear of the enemy.

Auspicious trees (according to Vastu) near the house are

  • Coconut
  • Jasmine
  • Jack Fruit
  • Shami
  • Ashoka
  • Arjun
  • Vat

Inauspicious trees

  • Neem
  • Peepal
  • Plum
  • Agasthya
  • Lemon
  • Pomegranate
  • Bel

Water Formations

The water bodies like a river, pond, and sea are the boundless energy sources and have a significant effect on the Vastu of the house.

The presence of a water body in a particular direction has its own distinctive effect.


The presence of sea, pond or a river in the North of any plot is considered extremely auspicious. The water formation in this direction results in prosperity and ever-increasing wealth. If the river in the North flows from West to East, it will generate enormous cash flow into the house.

North East

Waterbody in the North East brings in financial growth.


Waterbody in the East also has a positive effect on the Vastu of the house, especially on the men in the family.

South East

The water body in the South East is said to cause ill effects on female members of the family. It may also cause constant fear of fire and financial crisis.


Waterbody in the South causes fear of enemies and will affect women more. It also causes negative effects on health.

South West

The water body in the South West may hurt the overall reputation of the family.


This may make the female members of the family short-tempered.

North West

Waterbody in the North West causes an increase in expenses and loss of affection and adjustments among female members of the house.

Effects of Open Spaces on the House Vastu

Open spaces have the following effects on the Vastu of the house, in different directions


This is an excellent Vastu condition for the house and may result in enormous wealth accumulation.

North East

An open space in the northeast direction of the house may result in Knowledge, reputation and wealth.


Space on the east may also result in Knowledge and bring positive effects, especially to male members of the family.

South East

Open Space in the southeast direction of the house may give Mixed results. It enhances mental power but might cause financial crises and disease.


It causes diseases and negatively affects education. Mainly the women are affected.

South West

Mixed results. Increases in leadership qualities and decision-making capacities. But causes diseases and people living here may become greedy and are never satisfied.


Not auspicious. Men are mainly affected. Disrupts livelihood and education.

North West

It increases spiritual awareness and causes revolutionary thoughts. But will also cause court cases and unexpected encounters with enemies.

Effects of Pits

Pits or holes in any direction of the house have similar effects as that of water bodies given above.


The construction of a house where wild animals are residing may generate the same effect as experienced by a person in a Lion’s cage.

If the plot is resided by Crow, Bat, Falcon, etc, it may cause negative effects on the Vastu of the house, especially on children. The plot which is occupied by Rabbits may cause diseases, miseries. This is called “Shashakhathi Vedha” effect. Similarly, Snakes and Jackal in the property also cause negative effects.

Hence it has been clearly mentioned in Vastu Shastra that one should not leave a new plot empty for more than 3 months. If left empty it may be inhabited by animals of all kinds, which is not good for the Vastu of the house that’s going to be built on that piece of land in the future.

The effects of Man-made or artificial formations on Vastu of the house will be discussed in the upcoming post.