Vastu for Toilets: The Position Where You Build It Can Make or Break Your Health

Here is some info about Vastu for toilets. If the toilets in the house are not constructed according to Vastu guidelines they affect the health of individuals staying in the house in an adverse way. So here are a few important things to keep in mind before you start building toilets in your house.

Guidelines of Vastu for Toilets

  • One can build a toilet in the North West with an attached drainage pipe. But building a septic tank here is a bad Vastu according to some consultants.
  • The other places where the construction of a toilet can take place is in between the South and the South West. But avoid building it in the exact South West. Septic tank should not be attached to it in the South West. Also, the water closet in the toilet may be fixed on a platform higher than the floor level.
  • The proper location for a septic tank should be in the Central North or the Central East.
  • The location of the water closet should be on the North-South axis. Care should be taken to see that it is not directed towards East or West as it is related to disgracing the Sun.
  • According to Vastu toilets should never be built in the North East direction. If built it may cause severe health problems and sorrows in the family. Male members and children may be affected more.
  • Similarly, toilets should not be constructed in the North direction as well. If constructed it will cause severe money problems, conflicts in the married lives of the female members(daughter’s family) and also nervous problems and eye problems.
  • A toilet in the East North East may cause infertility problems in men in the family. It might also cause them to lose their moral values and become wayward, untruthful and spendthrifts. They often join the bad company and suffer from income loss.
  • The position of the toilet bowl should always be in the North-South direction if one is desirous of healthy bowel movements. This helps prevent piles, constipation, and other health problems.

vastu for toilets

Effects while Facing Various Directions in Toilets

Facing North

Results in good digestion and bowel movements.

Facing East

This affects health and causes severe stomach and intestinal problems.

Facing West

Causes deterioration of health and may also cause piles.

Bathrooms Attached with Toilets

Because of the lack of space in modern houses, people tend to build bathrooms attached with toilet. Here are some things to keep in mind while building this type of toilets.

North East

A toilet in this direction is a strict no. Some people recommend that in unavoidable circumstances you can build a bathroom without a toilet in the North East. But we feel it is better to avoid both toilets and bathrooms in this direction.


Toilets are not permitted here. Only bathrooms can be built.

South East

Both bathrooms and toilets are not permitted in this area.


Toilet along with bathrooms are not allowed in this direction.

South West

You can build a toilet with bathroom but don’t position it on the exact South West.


Bathrooms along with toilets are permissible in this direction.

North West

Is one of the best places for toilets with bathroom.

Other Constructions in the Bathrooms and Toilets

  • The heater or geyser should not be placed in any direction other than the South East.
  • Showers and taps can be provided in the North East of the bathrooms and toilets.
  • Wash basin can be provided in the North or the East.
  • A mirror can be provided over the sink.
  • Bathtubs can be provided on the South or the West. And they should be above the floor level.
  • Bathtubs should not touch the East wall if they are on the South and they should not touch the South wall if they are on the West.
  • Water should exit from the North East in a closed outlet.

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