Vastu For The Kitchen: How Exactly Should Be The Place You Cook?

Having knowledge of Vastu for the kitchen is vital if you are building a new house. The kitchen is one of the most important places in your house. It is here where all the food that is consumed by you and the family is prepared.

So it is essential for the vibrations to be right. Wrong vibrations in the kitchen can mess up the vibrations in the food thereby spreading negativity in the people consuming the food. That’s why it is important to take the utmost care to follow the guidelines of Vastu for kitchen while building your house.

A kitchen that is built following the correct Vastu guidelines will bring in happiness and prosperity. It will help the positive energy from the universe easily get incorporated with the food we eat, thereby positively affecting the physical and mental states of the members of the family. A big Vastu defect will affect the harmony of the house and may bring in bad luck to the members of the family.

So, how to build a kitchen according to Vastu principles?

Here’s how.

Guidelines of Vastu for Kitchen

Kitchen Position According To Vastu

The best possible place for the kitchen in your house is in the “south-east”. As south-east is the location of the element “fire”, it is most appropriate for fire-related activities and appliances, like those found in the kitchen.

A kitchen in the wrong place of the house will mostly affect the health of the female members of the family and may cause frequent surgeries.

A kitchen should never be built in the northeast corner. If built, it may have adverse effects on the health of the people living in the house and also may cause a lot of legal complications in business as well as in personal life.

A Vastu defect related to the kitchen causes unwanted effects on your financial status and business success.

A kitchen in the north may cause loss of financial assets, lawsuits, ill health and more. As the north direction is the place for the water elements according to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should not be built in this corner of the house.

Fire and water are opposite elements and because of that, the Vastu defect caused by the positioning of the kitchen in the north can have major effects on the people living inside the house.

A kitchen in the south-west is said to burn out all the positive magnetic energies accumulated in the house and so is considered less beneficial. It may also cause depression and anxiety. Your financial savings may also be affected adversely resulting in a financial crisis.

The northwest position of your house may be used for the kitchen, only in extreme situations when there is no place available in the southeast direction of the house. Northwest kitchen may cause health problems like asthma or other respiratory diseases.

vastu for kitchen

Guidelines of Vastu for Kitchen Interiors

Your gas stove or the fire source in the kitchen should preferably be in the south-east corner. Also, you should preferably face towards the east, while cooking.

Some Vastu experts believe that water source should never be at the right-hand side of the gas stove. Water sources like tap, sink or storage vessels etc should be on the left-hand side of the stove which is the north side of your kitchen.

A water source in the south or the right-hand corner of your gas stove/fire source may cause frequent disagreements and quarrels among the family members.

But few other Vastu consultants think that this is not a cause of concern and the kitchen sink should never be on the North East side, as we put dirty vessels in the sink to wash and North East is the corner of god (deva).

You better consult a professional if in doubt.

Electrical items like the grinder, microwave oven, toaster, etc can be placed in the south or south-east direction of the kitchen.

As we mentioned earlier, cook food facing east. This will incorporate good vibrations into the food and cause positive effects on the health of the people consuming that food. Also, this is said to bring prosperity in life.

The most suitable position for a refrigerator is on the west side.