Vastu for House: Here Is How to Build a Vastu Compliant House

Here are some essential guidelines of Vastu for house planning that you need to know before starting the construction of your dream abode. This is not an all inclusive list but is an attempt to give you a brief idea about the placement of various components of the house like doors, compound walls, well, etc.

Placement of Building in a Plot

The building in a plot should be placed in such a way that there is more open space in the East and the North direction as compared to the West and the South. The more North and East is open the more prosperous and happy your life will be.

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Compound Walls

  • The wall at the North and the East should be lower than that in the South and West of the house.
  • You should also not share your compound wall with the neighbors especially in the South and West. So it is always preferable to build a separate compound wall.
  • The walls at the North and East should be thinner and lighter when compared to its West and South counterparts.
  • The height of the compound wall in the front should be such that the main door is visible from the street.
  • Compound wall should be constructed just at the time of the construction of the house and not much before that. If done much before, it might cause a delay in the completion of the house.

vastu for house

Well or Borewell

According to Vastu, well plays an important role in deciding the fate of every body’s life associated with it. A well constructed in the wrong direction can severely affect the life of inmates of the house in a negative way.

  • Digging of a borewell or well is the first thing to be accomplished while starting construction of a house, according to Vastu guidelines. This ensures health, wealth and happiness.
  • If the well is constructed in a square or cross section style below the ground level care should be taken to build a circular wall for the well above the ground level.
  • Sometimes it so happens that while constructing a house the machine or the motor used to pump the water from the well is kept very next to it. Care should always be taken to ensure that the motor that is being used should not touch the Eastern or the Northern walls to the slightest.
  • The wall around the well should definitely be lower than the base of the house at the South West corner.
  • Well, should not be dug when there is an ongoing pregnancy in the family.
  • Death of any human being or any creature in the well is not considered good for the house. In such cases, entire water from the well should be drained off and necessary rituals should be performed.
  • The well should be built in such a way that it is exposed to sun rays for at least six hours after sunrise.
  • If you are drawing water from the well your position should always be on the North-South axis.

vastu well

Placement of Well in Different Directions And Its Effects According to The Rule of Vastu for House

North East

Is the perfect place for a well or underground tank. But it should not be exactly in the corner or on the imaginary diagonal that connects North East with South West. It should also neither touch the compound nor should be inside the house.


Well in both North and the North East directions brings immense fortune, wealth and all kind of comforts to the family members of the house.

East North East

All the above-mentioned things will be enjoyed by the family members along with materialistic gains if the well is in the East North East.


All the above-mentioned luxuries will also be enjoyed by the family members where the well is in the East. But the Eastern side of the plot should be at a lower level and be depressed. If the Eastern side of the plot is elevated and a well is present in that side then it might lead to problems related to children and finance.

South East

Well in the South East zone gives severe jolts to the owner of the family and causes quarrels among family members. It also causes waywardness in relation to the second progeny of the house. Might also dangerously affect the other male children of the family.

East South East

Well in this zone may bring with it sickness, the danger of fire and other accidents and theft. Might also cause the death of women in the family.


Loss of money, bad habits, fire accidents, and theft are the traits of the house where the well is in the South-South-East zone.


This may cause shorter life spans especially for women and chronic illnesses.

South West

This is considered to be the worst location for the Well construction. A well here may cause death, increased suicidal tendencies and diseases.


Besides bringing diseases to females well in this location may also cause debts and loss of savings. This might also cause loss of moral values and character in the females of the family.

West South West

Well in this zone may cause chronic diseases in male members of the family. Men may also lose moral values and get indulged in immoral and anti-social activities.


This may affect male members adversely making them suffer from sickness. Finances will also suffer significantly.

West North West

This again will affect mainly the male members of the house. This may cause court cases and legal complications, financial loss, and robbery in the house.

North North West

A well in this zone is also not good and will cause conflicts and differences of opinions between husband and wife.


A well here can bring a lot of good luck if the North of that particular plot is lower and has a slightly depressed surface when compared with other surfaces. But the effects will be opposite if the North is raised. A well in the raised North may cause financial problems.


Well, Borewell or any other kind of depression in the center of the house is a fatal Vastu defect. It is considered to be extremely inauspicious and may cause total destruction to the owner of the house.

We have discussed the construction of septic tanks, floors, rainwater exit, and underground tanks in separate posts.

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