Vastu for Home: How To Design The Perfect Residence?

Vastu for Home in its entirety can’t be contained in a single web page. However, here I have made a small attempt to give you some important Vastu tips for the selection of the plot and construction of the house, to help you make the right decisions while constructing a new house for you and your family.

Vastu For Home – Tips for Plot Selection

Here are some important guidelines of Vastu Shastra that need to be followed while choosing the plot for the construction of your new house. Choosing a Vastu plot or land that complies with all or most of the Vastu guidelines is very important for ensuring the happiness, health, and prosperity of the individuals who are going to reside on that plot in the future.

According to Vasthu, the sun rays in the morning carry positive energy vibrations in abundance. So the morning sun rays are beneficial for us. Similarly, the same Sun rays can cause uneasiness and discomfort in the afternoons, because of the presence of intense energy. So those rays should be avoided.

Now, how does all this affect the design of a house?

Here’s how to incorporate these guidelines of Vastu for home.

The sun rays containing the positive energy entering from the Northeast direction traveling towards the southwest direction of your house, should be welcomed into the house since the Northeast is a positive pole and the Southwest is a negative pole. What it means is that while constructing your house or buildings, the Northeast side should have wider openings while the Southwest should have smaller openings (windows, ventilators, etc).

  • Square or rectangular shaped lands are considered very auspicious, according to Vastu Shastra. If such land is not available then consider ones that are wider in the front and gradually become narrower at the rear. Such a Vastu land is also called Sherdah.
  • A plot facing Northeast is a good site for the construction of houses, factories, and offices.
  • A plot facing Southeast is good for the construction of chemical, petrochemical, and electricity-related industries.
  • Plots facing roads on three sides, one side of which leads to a road end or facing a T-junction is categorized as not ideal. Its also called a weak plot.
  • Land that has too many rocks, worms, humus, and thorny trees is not considered good for residential purposes.
  • Triangular, diamond and L-shaped plots should be avoided.
  • If you are buying property near a temple, hospital, factory, or other public places there should be a distance of at least 80 feet from that particular place.
  • The Northwest corner of the property is the ideal location for the parking lot. But it should not be connected to the compound wall or the main building.
vastu for home
Vastu for Home

Tips of Vastu for Home Designs

Here are some important things to keep in mind while designing the inside of your new house.

  • The main doors and windows should always be located in the east direction.
  • It is better to have two entries for the house. They should not be in the straight line and the exit door must be smaller than the entrance.
  • It is better to avoid the main entry point from being at the center of the house or in the extreme corners of the house
  • Don’t share a single main entrance for two houses.
  • The living room/hall should not be located on the west or the south side
  • For newlyweds, the best bedrooms are the north-west ones.
  • Never keep any room of your house in total darkness
  • Never keep the south-west side of the room empty
  • Children’s rooms should be on the east side or on the north-west side of the house.
  • West and South directions are best suited for the master bathroom.
  • The dining room should preferably be placed near the kitchen and in the south-east of the house. If not it can be, in the north-west.
  • Remember not to place your kitchen on the Southwest corner of the house
  • Dining tables should either be square, rectangular in shape and  never be round, egg-shaped or irregular
  • Dining tables attached or folded against the wall are not advisable.
  • Nature and/or landscape portraits or paintings are most suitable for dining rooms.
  • The sink in the kitchen where there is running tap water should be located at the Northeast and must not be near the stove to avoid quarrels between the family members.
  • The Northeast of the house is the perfect spot for a study room preferably next to the prayer room.
  • The swimming pool, underground water tank, wells, and bore-wells are ideally constructed in the East or Northeast of the property
  • The most suitable place for the balcony is the northeast.
  • Seating on the veranda should be on the South or West sides facing east or north.
  • Heat emitting appliances are best kept in southeast directions.
  • The study room should be painted with white, sky blue, cream, or light green.

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