Vastu for Bedroom: How The Place You Sleep Affects Your Life?

This page contains some important guidelines of Vastu for bedroom. Bedrooms, previously known as Shayana Grahas (in ancient India), have always had major roles in balancing the Vastu energy of the house.

Bedrooms/Shayana grahas represent relaxation and rest. They also represent intimacy. It is recommended that we sleep at least 6-8 hours per day to maintain optimum health. What it means is that we spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping in our bedrooms 🙂

Now let’s learn how should the Vastu design for the bedroom be, to attain maximum benefits.

Vastu for Bedroom: General Classifications and Recommended Positions for Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the bedroom for the master. The master is a controversial term and people are thinking of using the terms “Owner’s suite” or “owner’s bedroom” for the same. Whatever may be the case, as the names suggest this room is for the owner of the house. The best position for a master bedroom as per Vastu principles is in South West.

Children’s Bedrooms Vastu

Children’s bedroom as per Vastu has an ideal location in the North-East for boys and North-West for girls. Other locations are east and west.

Guest Bedrooms

The ideal location for the guest bedroom as per Vastu is in the northwest.

Location of Bedrooms in Different areas of the House has the Following Effects

1. North East Bedroom

North East is not regarded as a good position as the bedroom for couples. People sleeping here tend to get upset easily and frequently. Men may lose interest in sex. However young kids and old people can use these rooms.

2. East

The east is not considered a good location for bedrooms. A bedroom in the east causes diseases to men and loss of wealth. So the bedrooms in the east direction can be used for children but not for adults and couples.

3. South East

The southeast direction is the worst possible location for a bedroom. As this is the direction of the fire element whatever is placed in that position gets burnt(figural expression).

Sleeping in the southeast corners of the house is not advisable. This causes destruction of health, court cases and litigations. Children born may be handicapped or arrogant.

Women suffer from stomach related problems. Men may get depressed. The husband-wife relationship may also be affected and they may have frequent quarrels. It is strictly recommended to avoid these types of bedrooms.

Vastu for Bedroom

4. South

The bedroom in the south is favourable. It brings relaxation and peace to the occupant. It also gives stability to the inmates. It is ideal for the net eldest member of the family after the master of the house.

5. South West

Southwest is the ideal location and the 1st choice for the master bedroom. It brings fame, wealth and sound health. The decision-maker of the house should use this bedroom. It brings immense mental strength to the inmates. But, children should not use these bedrooms solely, which may cause restlessness to them.

6. West

It is also a good position for bedrooms and brings joy and comfort to the inmates.

7. North West

It is ideal for guests and daughters! In Vastu, Northwest is the location for the Wind element. So the energy movement is always there. It is believed that people living in the northwest will move faster. Thus guests will not stay for very long. Similarly, girls will have no problems related to their marriage.

Sleeping Rules According to the Principles of Vastu for Bedroom


Sleeping with head in the North and legs in the South gives fear and lack of peace. It also causes disturbed sleep and illness. The scientific reason is that the head is the north pole of our body. By placing the head in the North, the North pole of our body and the North pole of the Earth will repel each other as “like charges” repel.


Sleeping with the head in the East and the legs in the West increases knowledge and thinking power. Also, people become more philosophical, religious and ethical.


Sleeping ahead in the South direction improves health, pleasure, wealth and overall happiness.


Sleeping with a head in the West and legs in the East gives bad dreams and nightmares. It also causes insufficient sleep, illness, and sorrow. This position should be avoided.

Other Guidelines of Vastu for Bedroom Design

  • The bedroom should not overlook water bodies such as the sea, lake, river, etc. It causes depression in inmates.
  • The bedroom should not be constructed above the portico, car parks or kitchen.
  • The bedroom should not be on four pillars with a hollow space beneath.
  • A bedroom in the centre of the house should be avoided.
  • Mirrors in the bedroom should be avoided. In unavoidable circumstances, mirrors should be placed in such a way that they are not facing directly into the people sleeping.
  • Space on both sides of the cot should be present.
  • Legs should not be in line with the doors of the bedroom.
  • Heavy objects and wardrobes should be in South West, West or South.
  • Beams above the bed are not good for health.
  • More space should be left open on the North and East side of the bedroom.
  • The bedroom can be painted with Light Green, pink, cream or grey colours on the wall. Yellow and white colours in the bedroom are not preferred