Vastu for Bathroom: Vastu Tips for Building The Bathroom of Your House

These Vastu guidelines are applicable for only those bathrooms in which there is no water storage attached. If you have a large storage facility for water that is attached to the bathroom, then the guidelines of Vastu for bathroom will be different than the one mentioned below.

Based on the area in which a bathroom is constructed in a house we can divide them into 3 types.

  1. Bathroom outside the house
  2. The bathroom within the house used as a common one
  3. The attached bathroom used in the bedroom for personal use

Vastu for Bathroom Outside the House

Bathroom outside a house can be built in North West, West, South or the South West directions. It should never be built in the North, North East or the Eastern directions. Below are the effects of building a bathroom outside the house, in different directions.

1. Bathroom in the North

Construction of a bathroom outside the house in the North is not permitted as it is against the guidelines of Vastu. Building a bathroom here makes the North heavier and results in detrimental effects on the finances. Doing this may also cause a loss of money. It may also reduce your income substantially.

2. In the North East

Again, this direction is forbidden for the construction of a bathroom according to Vastu rules. Bathroom built here may have adverse effects on the children in the family. A bathroom in this direction may also affect your overall financial status and may cause diseases to the members of the family.

vastu for bathroom


Building a bathroom in the east direction has similar effects to the one built in the Northeast of the house. If a bathroom is constructed in this direction, it may hinder with the overall career and business growth and may also cause financial distress. A bathroom in the east of the house may also cause health problems to one or more individuals residing in the house, say Vastu scriptures.

4.South East

A bathroom in the South East direction to the house is known to cause severe health problems for the women in the family, especially the menstrual problems.

Even if the South East bathroom is not being used, it is known to cause health issues to the ladies of the house. Therefore it is advised to avoid this direction for building a bathroom outside the house.


A bathroom can be built in the South direction outside the house. It can also touch the compound wall. This is considered to be a good feature according to Vastu.

6.South West

A bathroom can also be built in the South West direction, according to Vastu.


An outside bathroom can be built in the West direction and it can touch the compound wall. But care should be taken to not build the outside bathroom attached to the house in the west direction. It should not be in contact with the house or the building of residence.

8.North West

A bathroom outside the house is also permissible in the North West direction according to Vastu. However, it can touch the West compound wall but should never be in contact with the North compound wall.

Vastu for Bathroom That Is Used As a Common Bathroom in The House

Some Vastu consultants feel that the bathroom without a toilet inside a house can also be built in the North and the North East direction.

However, we consider this to be against the Vastu guidelines. Because the North East is considered to be the Eesh Sthan, a direction from which the gods (positive energy) enter the house. This direction is to be used for building a prayer or meditation room only and not for a bathroom or a toilet.

A bathroom is primarily used to clean our body surfaces and get rid of the dirt. Hence building a bathroom here will cause negative vibrations or the accumulation of negative energy in that particular spot, which may cause serious health problems to the inmates of the house. So avoid bathrooms in the North and North East, even if some Vastu consultants tell you to do so.

You can build a common bathroom inside the house in the South, South West, West, and North West directions. Avoid building it in the South East direction.

Attached Bathrooms inside the Bedrooms

There are no proper Vastu guidelines mentioned about this particular type of construction as there were no bathrooms constructed inside a bedroom in the ancient times when Vastu Shastra was being written. So try to follow the basic principles of Vastu for bathroom mentioned above and keep the bathroom inside the bedroom in the South, South West, West or the North West directions.

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