Vastu Directions And Their Effect On Our Everyday Life

In this article let’s see the effect generated by different Vastu directions on our day to day lives. We all agree that having the right direction is very important in life no matter what we do.

Similarly in Vastu Shastra, cardinal and intercardinal directions play vital roles. There is no one Vastu direction that suits every aspect of life.

Some directions bring positivity and prosperity in life while others may bring misery and sadness. Each direction brings a particular kind of energy vibration with it.

These vibrations and energy should be balanced with the help of Vastu Shastra to get the optimum beneficial result in order to improve our personal and professional life quality. Let’s see now how this whole thing works.

Cardinal and Sub (Inter) Cardinal Vastu Directions and Their Significance

We all know that there are 8 directions denoted on the compass. 4 of which are cardinal directions and 4 are intercardinal or sub cardinal directions. Then there are 8 secondary intercardinal directions.

The 4 Cardinal directions are East, West, North, and South. The Sub Cardinal directions are intermediate directions between two Cardinal directions. The 4 sub cardinal directions are North-West, North-East, South-East, and South-West.

The intermediate directions between every set of intercardinal and cardinal directions are called a secondary intercardinal direction. The secondary intercardinal Vastu directions are East South East, South South East, South South West, West South West, West North West, North North West, North North East, and East North East.

vastu directions
Vastu Directions


North Vastu Direction

As per Vastu Shastra, North represents prosperity and wealth. To get prosperity in life and enjoy an abundance of wealth, the northern part of your house should be open and airy. It should be lighter than the other parts of your house. Meaning, no heavy objects should be placed in this corner of your house. Also, no blockages should be present.

If the house is facing the north direction, then more space in the north direction is advised. It is always better if the north facing house has no blockages of any kind, in the front. If there is another building blocking the northern part of your house, it may create negative energy vibrations resulting in a financial crisis.

North is also considered the direction that has effects on females in the family. Imbalance in the energy in the north Vastu direction and accumulation of negativity there may cause physical and mental health issues in the female members of the family.

Also, it is recommended to keep avoid heavy construction in the north direction. If you have a compound wall, the height of the wall should preferably be lower in the north and the east direction than on the south and the west Vastu direction.

If you ever get a piece of land for the construction of your new house, which has open spaces like a playground, river or sea in the north direction, building a north facing house on that land may bring in immense wealth, says Vastu Shastra.

North East Vastu Direction –

Northeast is again related to health, wealth and prosperity. To attain the maximum beneficial effect from this direction, the Northeast corner of the house should be kept light. No heavy objects are allowed at this corner.

The Northeast Vastu direction is a combination of magnetic rays of the north and the solar rays from the east. To get the auspicious effects of these combined energies the corner should always be open.

The element that represents this direction is water. So this side of your plot can be used for water storage as in underground tanks. Overhead tanks are not allowed.

As the northeast is called DEVA MOOLE or the corner of the GODS/PRAYER, this corner is best suited for prayer rooms.

Storerooms and toilets should never be built in the Northeast corner of your house. And also if in a plot the northeast corner is cut, people may suffer from chronic illness, financial troubles, and shorter lifespans. Especially male members of the family may be affected.

East Direction-

The East Vastu direction is also considered a positive Vastu direction. As is in the case of north and northeast directions, even the east direction should be preferably lower and open.

If that is not possible, try to keep bigger windows and ventilators to allow a smooth inflow of the rays of the rising sun.

East direction represents knowledge and is linked with the health of male members in the family. A blockade in the east direction can cause illness, financial loss and might also stop male childbirths in the family.

The construction of a study room can be the most appropriate for the eastern corner of your house.

South East Direction-

Southeast is considered the direction of the “fire” element. This corner indicates the health of residents.

Fire-related places like the kitchen can be constructed in this corner. As fire and water elements are opposite in nature placement of the water body in this corner may cause negative energies in the house.

This portion of the house should be larger than the Southwest corner and higher than the northeast and northwestern corners of the house. But it should never be larger in size than the North East and North West of the house.

If the Southeast of your house is larger than the northeastern corner of the house it has been said that there may be chances of robbery and fire incidents in the house.

Also, people living in such houses may always live under the fear of the unknown, due to the energy imbalance in the house. They may also be intimidated by fire.

South Direction –

God of death or Yama is the lord of the South direction in Vastu Shastra. This direction is related to crops, animals, and peace.

Large open spaces are not recommended in the South direction of your house. Also, this portion should be higher and heavier than the northern part of your house.

South direction is related to females. If the southern direction of the house doesn’t have any Vastu defects Women will be happy in such places. If there is a building or office that has South entrance, it can give great results if a female operated business is run from such a building.

South West Direction –

The Southwest direction is also called ” Nairutya”. Nairuti or Nirutti, the goddess of the evil powers is the ruler of this Vastu direction.

This direction is related to behavior, character, long life and quarrel. Any kind of auspicious work should not be performed in this direction.

Big and heavy objects should be placed in this corner of your house. This corner should never be open and light. If it is, then negative energy gets accumulated in the house.

Element earth is linked to this direction. This is the best suitable position for the master bedroom.

West Direction –

West direction indicates name and fame. Lord of this direction is Varuna who is also the lord of rain.

The west portion of your house should always be higher and be moderately open. If there is absolutely no open space in the west, it may cause the loss of name and fame for the family.

Negative energy may mainly affect the reputation of male members in the family and may also force them to waver from the path of righteousness.

If the west is higher and heavier, then it may result in positive energy vibrations that are favorable for success and prosperity. Residents of such houses may prosper in businesses and industrial ventures.

North West –

Northwest direction is related to the element Air. This portion of the house should be airy and open.

This Vastu direction is related to business, industries, friendship, and mind. The Northwest direction is best suited for guest rooms and/or for the rooms of unmarried female members of the house.


This is a name given to the underground direction. This is not exactly one of the Vastu directions but plays a very important role in Vastu Shastra.

Patal means below the ground. Negative elements in the underground or Patal may cause disturbed sleep with nightmares, feeling of fear, discomfort, etc.


Direction on the upper side of the building. This should preferably be open.