Who Is A Vastu Consultant And Why Do People Need One?

Vastu consultant is a person who is having a deep working knowledge of Vastu Shastra and who can help you solve your problems and guide you to prosperity and happiness by applying the principles of Vastu to your homes, offices, and surroundings.

Why is it Necessary to Check Your House and Office for Vastu Defects?

As I have mentioned already in other posts our success and failure in life are governed by the energy layers surrounding us. If you are always surrounded by positive energy vibrations nobody can stop you from succeeding. But if you are always encircled by the ring of negative vibrations you are bound to fail no matter how hard you try. This whole universe is a large interconnected network of vibrations. Ancient Indian scriptures say that the initiation of the formation of the whole universe started with the vibration “Aum”.

Apart from the spiritual importance, even the scientific experiments of recent times have shown a layer of energy surrounding us and all the other animate and inanimate creatures to varying extents. Some people call it Aura while the others call it the holy light. Whatever the name may be, the bottom line here is that everything in this universe is a part of a bigger infinite network of energy.

Vastu Consultant

By applying the principles of Vastu to homes and offices one can balance the energy layers surrounding him/her and write his/her own ticket to success. That’s where a Vastu consultant comes into the picture. With the unique knowledge and expertise in the field of Vastu, a Vastu consultant can help you achieve your goals and sort out your problems in no time.

If you are not happy with your present life or if you are sick of suffering from a chronic disease or relationship issues Vastu might have answers. It is in such cases, checking for Vastu defects becomes a must

How can Vastu Defects Affect your Life?

  • A house with northeast Vastu defects will bring serious health issues and poverty.
  • A defect in the east will also have a similar effect. This will also stop a male child from being born into the family.
  • A defect in the southeast can cause fire mishaps, theft, and arguments. It can also cause fights between the couple.
  • A defect in the southwest can cause divorce and mental depression.
  • A defect in the West can affect fame and name. It might force the males in the family to get indulged in ill habits and illegal activities.
  • A defect in the North West can cause respiratory diseases, loss in business, depression, and difficulty in marriage for female members of the family.

How Exactly Can a Vastu Consultant Help You?

A consultant for Vastu can help you in the following ways.

  • He/she can help you choose a Vastu perfect land to build the house or an office or any kind of commercial building
  • If you have already built the house he can help you correct the defects if exist.
  • By correcting the defects he can help improve your financial status and health drastically.
  • He can inspect the surrounding constructions and assess their impact on your life.
  • Inspection of the house interiors can help you improve relationships.
  • Before building the house soil test can be carried out to check the auspiciousness of the land.

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