T- Junction or T-Points and Its Effect on Vastu of Your House

If a house is situated at the end of the road then such a situation is like a T-junction or T-point for that particular house. Such a road is said to be piercing the plot or the house in the form of a spear. So it is said that a T-junction or the T-point also has an adverse effect on the Vastu of the house or the building. Being said that, it is important for you to know that not all T-junctions are bad.

Below I have given some major T-points and their effects on the house we reside.

T-Junction and Vastu Effects in Various Directions

T-Junction in the North Direction

If the T-junction is exactly in the North direction of the plot such a condition is considered auspicious for the house.

T-Junction at North-North-East

If the road in the North of a house ends at the North East corner of the house then it is an auspicious situation. Such plots bring in a lot of pleasureful moments to the family members. These plots also affect women of the house in a positive way while bringing prosperity and success.


T-Junction at the North-North-West

This is considered to be an inauspicious situation. People in such houses are negatively affected and lag behind in every field. Success in education, health, and personal relations is hard to come by.

T-Junction at East

This is an auspicious situation. If the road is either equal or more in width than that of the house then the positive effects will be enormous.

T-Junction at East North East

This is an auspicious situation. Such plots will bring enormous wealth and reputation especially in the institutions controlled an run by men.

T-Junction at East South East

This is an inauspicious situation. The scarcity of wealth, negative effects on the health of women in the family and greediness in the male members of the family are the traits of such a plot or the house.

T-Junction at South

Such plots are best suited for commercial buildings. Residential buildings on such plots are not recommended. Businesses run on such plots will be successful.

T- Spot at South-South East

This is an auspicious situation for the residents of the house. They always enjoy a happy and prosperous life. They frequently get great opportunities for growth in personal and professional lives. Their reputation is always growing in a positive manner.

T-Spot at South South West

This is an inauspicious situation. Tension and frequent quarrels are seen among the members of the family. The health of women is also affected. The financial crisis is commonly seen in such cases.

T-Spot at West

This is an auspicious situation which brings in positive effects on the inmates of the house.

T-Spot at West South West

This is an inauspicious situation and affects the male members of the family. Loss of moral values and financial crisis are commonly seen among the family members.

T-Spot at West North West

This brings auspicious effects especially on the males of the family. Males in such families enjoy great leadership qualities and also constant progress in business and other financial endeavors. Such a house is ideal for politicians.

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