Sun in Aries Ascendant Birth Chart (Mesha Lagna Kundali)

Sun in Aries ascendant birth chart, is the lord of 5th house or the “Pancham Bhav”. Sun is a benefic planet or a Karaka Graha in Aries Lagna Kundali or Mesha Lagna Kundali. We will see how the individual’s life who has an Aries ascendant horoscope is affected when the sun is in the different houses of the birth chart.

Sun in Aries Ascendant Birth Chart in Different Houses and It’s Effect

In the 1st House (In Aries Sign)

When Sun is in the Lagna Bhav or the 1st house he becomes exalted or becomes Uccha. So he is bounded to give good results to the Jataka or the person whose horoscope is being read. This will significantly increase the level of radiance(Tejas) in individuals personality. The person will have awesome administrative qualities and chances of holding higher administrative posts somewhere during his/her career are significant. Due to his aspect on the 7th house Sun will also bless the Jataka with great partnerships, good married life and chances of daily wages during his Dasha and Antardasha.

In the 2nd House (In Taurus)

Sun in the 2nd house will give his positive results in regards to family and money. But at the same time, he might increase harshness and rudeness in the person’s way of speaking. The person will be able to overcome any obstacle using his/her brain power.

sun in aries ascendant

In the 3rd House (In Gemini)

Chances of having a younger brother are high. Unnecessary incidents of short trips might increase. Minor tensions and cold wars with father might be on the cards. Chances of foreign travel are also high at the same time. This person will be righteous and a believer in religion.

In the 4th House (In Cancer)

Will bless the Jataka with all kind of luxuries like vehicle, house or flat, other properties, good education etc. But one may also notice minor disagreements and arguments with mother. Sun in the 4th house will also make one professionally successful. New ways of making the profit with the profession are always turning up. Maximum chances of getting promoted to higher positions can be seen. Sun will also make the person hard working.

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In the 5th House ( In Leo)

Great results regarding matters related to progeny or children can be seen. Uncertain gains from unexpected corners can be experienced. Health-related to the stomach and digestive tract will be good. Chances of the 1st child being a male are high. The person might be a little aggressive but will have a sharp and great memory power. The person will also have positive relationships with his/her elder brothers and sisters. Sometimes minor health problems can be experienced(except for stomach) during Sun’s Dasha and Antardasha periods.

In the 6th House (Virgo)

Sun will give maximum bad results in this house(Overall results on a Jataka will depend on his/her other planetary configurations too). During his Dasha and Antardasha period, Sun might create problems related to the person’s children. Also, affect mental peace adversely. Chances of diseases are also high. This will also increase the chances of hospitalization or unnecessary expenditures. Also might give bad results regarding legal and litigation problems. The person might suffer from stomach related problems. Devotion towards Lord Surya Dev and ones Ishta devata will certainly reduce the magnitude of the sufferings and will make one’s life bearable.

In the 7th House (Libra)

Sun becomes Neecha or debilitated in the 7th house in Aries Ascendant Birth Chart. He may give problems related to married life and business partnerships. Constant fights and difference of opinions might be seen between husband and wife and also business partners. A problem related to daily wages is also noticeable. Might also affect the health of the individual adversely.

In the 8th House (Scorpio)

One can see regular mental tensions, unnecessary fights with family and friends, uncertain losses etc when the Sun is in the 8th (Scorpio) house in an Aries Lagna Kundali. Financial distress may also be experienced at different levels. The person may also get bad results because of his/her rude way of speaking.

In the 9th House (Sagittarius)

Will make the person righteous. Such a person will have unwavering faith in religion. Will have a great relationship with father. Chances of foreign tours are high. Will also have a good relationship with his/her younger brothers and sisters. Unnecessary tours may also increase. In some instances, positive results for hard work may be slightly delayed.

In the 10th House (Capricorn)

Sun becomes Digbali or Dishabali in the 10th house. He gets the directional strength because of his position in the zodiac. Professionally the person will reach new heights. Chances of having government jobs are also high. Will also enjoy administrative capabilities. Also, the chances of entering the line of politics and becoming a politician are high. The person will also enjoy the luxury of a vehicle, land, and properties. His/her relationship with the mother will also be good. The person will definitely be hardworking.

In the 11th House (Aquarius)

Sun will help in the fulfillment of desires when in the 11th house in Aries Lagna Kundali. Relationship with elder brothers and sisters is going to be great. Might also be encountered with incidents of smaller diseases and health problems regularly. Putra Prapti Yoga or the chances of having a male child will be created due to this positioning of Sun in the Kundali. Chances of having a love marriage are also quite high. The person will have a strong and healthy stomach.

In the 12th House (Pisces)

Regular problems with or related to son/daughter can be seen. Chances of hospitalization, memory related problems, unexpected losses, debts, diseases are quite common in such a Jataka.