Vastu And Roads: How Do The Roads Affect The Vastu of Your House?

As you may already be knowing, external constructions and the environment have a great influence on the Vastu energy of our house. Here, in this article, we will see how the roads in various directions affect the Vastu of our house.

Vastu And Roads: Effect of Roads In Various Directions

Road In The North Direction

In Vastu, North direction belongs to Kuber, the god of wealth. North West direction belongs to “Vayu” the god of air and the North East belongs to the Supreme God himself. And because of these reasons, a road to the north side of the house is considered very auspicious, according to Vastu.

If a road is present on the north side of your house, it makes the northern portion of your house lightweight and open. Open and light space on the north side is perfect according to Vastu guidelines. This makes it easy for positive energy in the form of magnetic rays entering your house from the north side. People in such houses enjoy health, wealth and prosperity, says Vastu Shastra.

Road In The East Side

A road on the east side of your house is considered auspicious. In Vastu, Eastside belongs to the Lord Indra, the South East to Fire or Agni and the North East to the Supreme Lord.

So a road in the East will make it easy for all the positive vibrations entering the house, by creating open spaces on these respective sides. This creates a regular and abundant flow of positive energy into the house resulting in happiness, prosperity, and good energy for the people living in.

Road In The West And Vastu Of Your House

The owner or the deity of the West directions is Varuna, the god of rains. The North West belongs to Vayu or the god of the air element and the South West belongs to ‘Neru’ or the God of evil powers.

So a road in the west may give mixed results for the people residing in such houses. A road in the house may be particularly beneficial for people who earn their livelihood through business.

Road In The South Of The Building

A road in the south direction of the house or the building is considered inauspicious for the purpose of residences. Such houses/buildings can be used for commercial purposes and for institutions run by women.

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Roads In Two Directions Of The House And Their Effect On Vastu of The House

Roads in North and East

This is a perfect Vastu condition that is believed to bring a lot of positive energy into the lives of people living in the house. Such houses are considered very auspicious.

Roads in East and South

Such a Vastu set up has mixed results on the house. Residents of such houses enjoy wealth but most of the earnt wealth is spent on entertainment and other luxurious habits.

Roads in South and West

Roads in the south and the west directions of the house give mixed results, with negative effects being dominant. These Vastu placements may prevent the growth of wealth and affect overall prosperity negatively.

Roads in these directions may also cause infertility related problems in people living in the house thereby obstructing the continuation of the family tree.

Roads in West and North

This is a Vastu condition that prevents the birth of male children in the family. In case they are born they will usually struggle to find success in their lives. ( Then again, the final results will also depend on the individual’s horoscope as well.)

Roads in North and South

This is a condition that gives mixed results. Wealth will flow into the house but will also leave the house as quickly as it entered. An increase in the accumulation of wealth doesn’t seem to happen easily. Income comes with expenditures.

Roads in East and West

If you want to get positive results from this setup, try to avoid gates on both sides. Make a single gate in the East direction of the house.

Roads in Three Directions Of The House

North, East, and South

Such houses are excellent for residential purposes. People will always be happy and enjoy success in all walks of life. To get maximum benefits, try to keep the main gate at the East.

East, South, and West

Such houses are good for people with business and marketing background. These are also good for women-run businesses and offices. The main gate should be in the East.

South, West, and North

People in such houses enjoy financial security. To achieve maximum positivity from such houses, the main gate should always be in the West. If the main gate is in North or South then financial distress and children related problems may be experienced.

West, North, and East

Roads in the West,North and East directions are good for Vastu of the house. Such buildings are very good for residential purposes. The main gate should preferably in the North direction of the house.

In All Directions

A plot that has roads in all the four directions is considered best for residential purposes, says Vastu Shastra. Such a plot is called “Brahmasthan” or the seat of the supreme. The residents of such houses will get enormous wealth besides health, happiness, and prosperity.

Such plots are also very good for the construction of public properties like hospitals, educational institutions,  theaters, and hotels. In olden days palaces used to be built in such places and we all know how they lived, right?

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