Rajesh Joshi Astrologer Ludhiana: Why The Popular Astro Channel Stopped?

This isn’t our typical informational post on this website. You can consider this as a tribute in our own small way.

Rajesh Joshi astrologer is a well-known name in the YouTube community where he teaches people the complex concepts of Vedic Astrology in a systematic way that is easy to understand.

In fact, I myself learned some of the basics of Vedic Astrology through his videos on YouTube. Although I haven’t met him personally I have huge respect for him and his work.

rajesh joshi astrologer

Untimely Death of Rajesh Joshi Astrologer Ludhiana

Rajesh Joshi sir was posting astrology videos regularly on his YouTube channel which suddenly stopped in 2016. His last YouTube video was published on June 23, 2016. I searched the whole internet looking for more information about Rajesh Joshi astrologer Ludhiana but found none. Then after some time life got in the way and I forgot the whole thing.

Today suddenly after 2 years when I was searching for some notes about astrology I came across the same old video featuring the smiling face of Mr. Rajesh Joshi. Sadly his YouTube channel was not updated even after 2 years.

I knew something was wrong. I went to his YouTube channel where there was a message left to his subscribers. Here is the screenshot.

Again nothing has been mentioned clearly. I was aware of the fact that he was suffering from some kind of ailment, but didn’t know what.

I continued my search and finally found a video in some language (Panjabi?) which I didn’t understand. But when I continued watching,  a person started talking in Hindi (Rajesh Joshi’s brother I guess) in the video and mentioned the shocking and sad news of Rajesh Joshi sir’s untimely death. The exact reason for his death isn’t known.

I think he left the mortal body somewhere at the end of March in 2017.

We are all really shocked and sad to hear that. But that’s the way life is. All we can do is pray for his smooth journey forward. May Lord shower his blessings on the departed soul. Below is the video announcing his death. If somebody understands the language please write the meaning (the highlights) in the comments section.

Thank you.

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