Planets in Horoscope, Their Properties, and Significance

There are a total of nine planets in the horoscope which play major roles when analyzing the past, present and future life events of the individual. There are nine Grahas that are given importance in Vedic astrology.

Nowadays, people use the terms planets and Grahas interchangeably. Most people believe that both terms mean the same. But if you look at them closely, they don’t exactly mean the same. They might be very close but aren’t the same.

Graha in ‘Sanskrit’ refers to that thing which has the power to hold. It is something which can hold on to you, which has the power to seize you. But a planet by definition is a celestial body that moves in an elliptical orbit around a star.

In astrology, we consider Sun a Graha, because it has the power to hold on and influence the individual’s life on earth. But Sun isn’t considered a planet in Vedic astrology, as most people wrongly believe. It doesn’t move around a star, because Sun itself is a star. But it is a Graha. I hope you have understood the concept now.

There are totally nine Grahas that are given importance in Vedic astrology. They are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are not exactly the Grahas but are lunar nodes.

These are the points of intersection of Sun’s and Moon’s orbits. Rahu and Ketu never exist together. They are at an angle of 180 degrees from each other. So if Rahu is in the 1st house Ketu will always be in the 7th and likewise.

Different Properties of Planets (Grahas) in Horoscope

In ancient astrological scriptures, the Rishis and Yogis of ancient India have assigned different elements of nature to different Grahas. Also, each Graha has a property of its own according to which it plays its role in our lives. Following are some of the important properties of Grahas or planets in horoscope.

planets in horoscope

Directions Associated with Each Graha

  • Sun-East
  • Moon- North West
  • Mars- South
  • Mercury-North
  • Jupiter- North East
  • Venus- South East
  • Saturn-West
  • Rahu- South West
  • Ketu- South West

Rank for Each Graha or Planet In The Horoscope

  • Sun- King
  • Moon- Queen
  • Mars- Commander
  • Mercury-Prince
  • Jupiter-Minister
  • Venus-Minister
  • Saturn-Servant

Genders of Grahas/Planets

  • Sun- Male
  • Moon-Female
  • Mars-Male
  • Mercury-Neuter
  • Jupiter-Male
  • Venus-Female
  • Saturn-Neuter
  • Rahu-Female
  • Ketu-Female

Planets and Elements

  • Sun- Fire
  • Moon- Water
  • Mars- Fire
  • Mercury- Earth
  • Jupiter-Sky
  • Venus- Water
  • Saturn- Air

Planets and Tridoshas

  • Sun-Pitta
  • Moon-Kapha
  • Mars-Pitta
  • Mercury-Mixed
  • Jupiter-Kapha
  • Venus-Vat, Kapha
  • Saturn-Vat

Movable and Fixed Planets In The Horoscope

  • Sun-fixed (Sthira)
  • Moon-Movable (Chara)
  • Mars-Movable
  • Mercury- Dual (mishrit or mixed)
  • Jupiter-fixed
  • Venus-movable
  • Saturn- fixed

Grahas and Numbers

  • Sun-1
  • Moon-2
  • Mars-9
  • Mercury-5
  • Jupiter-3
  • Venus-6
  • Saturn-8
  • Rahu-4
  • Ketu-7

Planets and Colors

  • Sun- A mix of Red and Brown colors
  • Moon-White
  • Mars-Red
  • Mercury-Green
  • Jupiter-Yellow
  • Venus-White
  • Saturn-Black
  • Rahu-Blue
  • Ketu-Black (smoke)

Planets and the Trees they Represent

  • Sun – Trees used for making houses (Teakwood)
  • Moon – Trees producing milk/juice (Rubber, Coconut)
  • Mars – Trees with bitter juices (Neem)
  • Mercury – Trees with fantastic smell (Sandalwood)
  • Jupiter – All trees/plants that bear fruit
  • Venus – All plants/trees with flowers
  • Saturn – Dry/thorny trees

Grahas and Stones/Gems

  • Sun- Ruby (Manik)
  • Moon-White Pearl
  • Mars-Coral
  • Mercury-Emerald
  • Jupiter-Yellow Sapphire
  • Venus-Diamond
  • Saturn-Blue Sapphire
  • Rahu – Gomedha
  • Ketu-Cat’s Eye

Planets and Governance of Various Aspects of Human Life

  • Sun – Soul (Atma)
  • Moon-Mind
  • Mars-Strength
  • Mercury-Speech
  • Jupiter-Knowledge
  • Venus-Semen
  • Saturn-Grief

Planets and Human Relationships

  • Sun -Father
  • Moon-Mother
  • Mars- Younger brothers or sisters and cousins
  • Mercury – Friends, relatives, and maternal uncle
  • Jupiter –  Elder brothers and sisters and other elders in the family
  • Venus – Spouse/life partner, Business partner
  • Saturn- Servants in the family
  • Rahu- Paternal grandfather, Maternal grandmother
  • Ketu – Paternal grandmother, Maternal grandfather

Planets And The Time Taken to Cover the Zodiac

Below is the time taken by each planet to complete a full circle on the Zodiac.

  • Sun – 30 days for 1 Rashi – 1 Year (approx) for the entire zodiac or the 12 Rashis.
  • Moon – 2.25 Days for 1 Rashi – 27 Days for 12 Rashis
  • Mars – 1.5 Months for 1 Rashi- 18 Months for 12 Rashis
  • Mercury – 24 days for 1 Rashi – 288 days for 12 Rashis
  • Jupiter – 1 Year for 1 Rashi – 12 Years for 12 Rashis
  • Venus – 25 days for 1 Rashi – 300 days for 12 Rashis
  • Saturn – 2.5 Years for 1 Rashi – 30 Years for 12 Rashis
  • Rahu – 1.5 Years for 1 Rashi – 18 Years for 12 Rashis
  • Ketu – 1.5 Years for 1 Rashi – 18 Years for 12 Rashis

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