Panchanga Introduction Part 2

In the last post, we were introduced to the Panchang or Panchanga system and the five parts that form it. We learned about Tithis, days and constellations. Also, a brief introduction to Karana was given. In this section, we will look at Karana and Yoga in detail.

Stationary Karana 

Kinstughna, Shakuna, Chatushpada, and Naga. These occur once a month.

Movable Karana

These repeat frequently in a month. Bava, Balava, Kaulava, Taitila, Gargi,Vanija and Vishti.

Deeds That Can be Performed on Each Karanas

Auspicious deeds can be performed on Bava, Balava, Kaulava, Taitila, Garaja, Vanija,Shakuni, Chatushpada, Naga and Kinstunghana Karanas. All auspicious deeds should be avoided on Vishthi(Bhadra).



Yoga means the combination of Tithi, day and Constellations. They are 27 in number.

Inauspicious Yogas

Vishkumbha, Ganda, Dhrithi, Vyatipata, Paridhi, Shoola, Vajra, and Vyaghata are inauspicious Yogas. No auspicious deed should be performed on those days.

Dwipushkara Yoga

If on Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday Bhadra Tithi like the second, seventh and twelfth occur and Ghanishtha, Chitra or Mrigashira constellation occurs they form a Dwipushkara Yoga. All deeds repeat twice in this Yoga. Good or bad, things will occur twice. If death occurs in this Yoga it might occur once more in the house. If you get a huge profit from your business in this Yoga, the same thing might happen once again.

Tripushkara Yoga

If second, seventh or twelfth Tithi Occurs on Sunday, Tuesday or Saturday and if it combines with Vishakha, Uttar Phalguni, Punarvasu, Krittika, Uttarashadha or Purva Ashadha constellation, then Tripushkara Yoga is formed.

Any deed that is done on this Yoga or any incident that happens might repeat thrice. So whatever thing you wish to happen three times in your life and grow many folds do that on Tripushkara Yoga. Great results are guaranteed.


Later part of Dhanishtha, Shatbisha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttar Bhadrapada, and Revathi constellation together are called as Panchak. Any deed that happens in this Yoga is repeated five times.

This Yoga is best suited to conduct any kind of religious activity, giving donations, getting promoted, etc. Also work that need strong long-term results like marriage and housewarming ceremonies can also be performed in this Yoga. But cremation, travel to the south,  furniture related work, cutting and collecting wood are considered inauspicious.


Summer solstice is considered auspicious and winter solstice inauspicious for all kind of work.

Papa Kartari Yoga

If benefic planets are present between two cruel planets such a Yoga is called PapaKartari Yoga. Such days are inauspicious.

Krakacha Yoga

When the number that represents a Tithi and the day adds up to 13 then that day is called Krakacha Yoga day. This is inauspicious.


If Magha constellation occurs on Sunday, Vishakha on Monday, Ardra on Tuesday, Moola on Wednesday, Krittika on Thursday, Rohini on Friday or Hasta on Saturday that makes Yamaghantha Yoga. It is not auspicious for any kind of work especially traveling.

Daghdha Yoga

If Bharani falls on Sunday, Chitra on Monday, Uttarashadha on Tuesday, Ghanishtha on Wednesday, UttaraPhalguni on Thursday, Jyeshtha on Friday or Revati on Saturday that makes a Daghdha Yoga. This is also inauspicious.

Adhama Yoga

If Seventh or twelfth Tithi occurs on Sunday, eleventh on Monday, tenth on Tuesday, first or ninth on Wednesday, eighth on Thursday, seventh on Friday or sixth on Saturday that makes an Adhama Yoga.

Vajra Yoga

Hasta constellation and fifth Tithi on Sunday, Mrigshira and sixth Tithi on Monday, Ashvini, and seventh Tithi on Tuesday, Anuradha and eighth Tithi on Wednesday, Pushya, and ninth Tithi on Thursday, Revati and tenth Tithi on Friday, Rohini and eleventh Tithi on Saturday form Vajra Yoga. This is inauspicious.

Zero Constellation

Following are called zero constellations and are inauspicious for performing religious and other auspicious deeds. If performed that may cause loss of wealth.

  • Ashwini and Rohini in Chaitra
  • Chitra and Swati in Vaishakha
  • Pushya and Uttarashadha in Jyeshtha
  • Purvafalguni and Ghanishtha on Ashadha
  • Uttarashadha and Shravana in Shravana
  • Shatbisha and Revati in Bhadrapada
  • Purvabhadrapada in Ashwija
  • Magha and Kritika on Kartika
  • Chitra and Vishakha in Mrigashira
  • Ashwini, Ardra, and Hasta in Pushya
  • Moola and Shravana in Magha
  • Bharani and Jyeshtha in Phalguna

Land Sleeping

Land sleeps on the fifth, seventh, fifteenth, twenty-first and twenty-fourth day from the day when the Sun enters a new zodiac sign. On this day any work related to land and construction should not be started or carried out.

Determining the Presence of fire

It is important to find out the presence of fire on that particular day if you want to carry out any auspicious deed, especially Yaaga or Havana. To determine this, add 1 to the Tithi on that day and to that add the number of that day. For example add 1 if it is a Sunday,2 if Monday and so on. Now divide the resulting number with 4. If the remainder is 0 or 3 then the fire is situated on the Earth. If the remainder is 2 then it is in Water. If 1 is left then the fire is situated in Heaven. All auspicious deed should be performed when the fire element is present on earth.


Eight days before the Indian festival Holi in Phalguna is inauspicious. No auspicious work should be carried out on this day.


The Tithi on which mother, father or a close relative has expired previously should not be considered for any auspicious activity.

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