Moon in Aries Ascendant Birth Chart (Mesha Lagna Kundali) In Different Houses

In this post, we will see the effect of Moon in Aries Ascendant birth chart in various houses. Moon is a Karaka Graha in this chart so tends to increase the positive qualities of the Bhava depending on its placement and degree wise capability.

Moon in Aries Ascendant Birth Chart in Different Houses

1st House (Aries)

If Moon is in the Lagna or the Ascendant house, it is great for the Jataka. In the 1st house, he will give great results during his Dashas and Antardashas. The Jataka will have a great relationship with his/her mother. Will also enjoy all the luxuries like vehicles, properties, and house, etc. But the Jataka will not be a great decision maker and will always have a dual-minded approach towards various things in life. Spouse will be beautiful. He/she will also enjoy great business partnerships.

2nd House (Taurus)

Moon in the 2nd House becomes Uccha or exalted so will give great results related to family, speech, and money during his Dasha and Antardashas. But as he is also aspecting the 8th house Jataka might have to encounter obstacles in his/her life. But at the same time, he/she will be able to overcome every obstacle the life throws at him/her.

moon in aries ascendant

3rd House (Gemini)

Moon in the 3rd house in an Aries Lagna Kundali may give ill effects in the majority of cases during his Dasha and Antardashas. Chances of settling in a foreign country and being away from the family are high. He/she will have to struggle and work hard to attain worldly luxuries. The mother might also have to face struggles in life. There are chances of having a younger sister.

4th House (Cancer)

Moon in the 4th house blesses the Jataka with all the luxuries and worldly pleasures throughout life. His/her’s relationship with the mother is going to be great. He also aspects the house of profession or Karma from this house. This will result in great improvements in profession-related matters during Moon’s Dasha and Antardasha. New opportunities will turn up which will result in an above average lifestyle.

5th House (Leo)

This is also a good house for Moon in Aries Lagna Birth Chart. Jataka will have the Yog of having a girl child/daughter. The person will have great memory power and will do the work only after properly thinking about all the pros and cons. He/she will also have a great love life and will enjoy uncertain gains like a lottery.

6th House (Virgo)

Moon in the 6th house may always give obstacles during his Dasha or Antardashas. May also affect the mother adversely in regards to health. This is the house of diseases, accidents, court cases, and competitions. May also suffer from unnecessary expenditures.

7th House (Libra)

Moon will give good results during his Dasha and Antardasha in this house. Will have a beautiful/attractive spouse. Jataka will have a pleasing personality. He/she will also enjoy great partnerships and daily wages.

8th House (Scorpio)

The moon becomes debilitated in this house. So the native may have to face struggles throughout the Dasha. He/she will have to struggle very hard to get all the luxuries of the material world. May also have to face problems related to family, money, and speech during Moon’s Dasha and Antardasha.

9th House (Sagittarius)

If Moon has degree wise strength, he will give good results here. Relationship with the father is going to be great. He/she will be an obedient son or daughter to the father. Belief in religion will be high. Chances of foreign tour are obvious.

10th House (Capricorn)

During Moon Dasha and Antar Dasha, the Jataka will enjoy great success in his/her profession. Will also attain luxuries like vehicle, house, property easily. New ways of income generation will open up regularly.

11th House (Aquarius)

Moon here will improve the relationship with elder brother and sister. But might also be affected with small curable diseases. Chances of uncertain gains are high.

12th House (Pisces)

Moon in the 12th house (which is Pisces in Aries ascendant birth chart) will make the Jataka unstable during his Dasha and Antardasha. Chances of settling in a foreign country are high. As Moon also aspects the 6th house from here Jataka might have to suffer from legal problems, accidents, and hospital expenses during Moon’s Dasha and Antar Dasha.

May also have to suffer from blood-related problems. In the Aries ascendant birth chart, Moon rarely gives good results in the houses 3,6,8 and 12th. If the Moon is in a wrong house in Aries Kundali the Jataka may also have to struggle with mental tensions.

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