Money In Horoscope: How to Look for Wealth & Fortune in the Birth chart?

Want to look for money in horoscope or your birth chart? Below we have given a few planetary combinations and Vedic astrological laws, that indicate the amount of money you are going to make in your life, and the luxuries you are going to enjoy.

Before looking for the planetary combinations for money in the horoscope, let’s have a look at various planets in our birth charts and how they influence our wealth and fortunes.

Different Planets and How They Influence Money in Horoscope or Birth Chart?


Venus is the planet that primarily indicates luxury. Venus is the prime significator of jewels, vehicles, furniture and basically everything that is luxurious and extravagant.

A strong Venus in your birth chart can give you enormous wealth if all the other conditions are favorable in the birth chart.


Mercury is always considered as a natural significator of basic education, speech, humor etc. But many people don’t know, that planet Mercury also represents liquid cash (money in your wallet), share certificates, and bonds etc.


Mars mainly represents immovable assets like lands and buildings.


Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth. For a person to be rich, a strong Jupiter in the birth chart is pretty much mandatory. It indicates the overall fate and capacity of the person to be rich. It also signifies gold, big mansions, palaces etc.


Saturn indicates wealth through labor, hard work, mining, antiques etc.


Sun is considered a Graha in astrology, which means an entity that can get hold of us. Sun is about fortune and wealth through jobs or work related to administration, authority, government work etc.


Moon indicates pearl and some other precious stones, transactional currency etc.

money in horoscope
Will you be rich? What do the stars say?

Some Things to Remember Before Dealing with Yogas and Rajayogas in Your Horoscope

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind when looking for Yogas or Rajayogas that indicate money in the horoscope.

  • Having a strong Lagna Lord(ascendant lord) is important for any kind of Yoga or RajaYoga to fructify.
  • Please remember that mere presence of Yogas and Raja yogas in a birth chart is not a guarantee for great fortune and money in astrology. One has to consider the overall strengths of planets, aspect relationships, planetary conjunctions, and a few other important points before giving the prediction.
  • There are many people who are enjoying enormous wealth even without having any kind of prominent Yoga or Raja Yoga. And there are also many who are poverty-struck even after having 3 or 4 Rajayogas.
  • The presence of a Yoga doesn’t guarantee wealth throughout the lifespan of an individual. It is affected by the running Dashas and Antardashas as well.
  • We need to consider the stellar influences as well, before deciding about overall wealth and money in astrology.

General Principles of Vedic Astrology That Indicate Money in Birth Chart

  • A person may gain a lot of money if the 2nd house of the birth chart is strong. Also, if the lord of the 2nd house is in a Kendra or a Trikona and/or exaltation of the 2nd Lord is an indication of great wealth & fortune.
  • The conjunction of the Lord of the second house with Jupiter, Mercury or Venus makes one, rich and popular. Even the aspect of these planets on the 2nd Lord has a similar effect.
  • Mutual exchange between the Lord of 1,2 and 11 makes the person wealthy.
  • 4 planets in their own houses make the person rich or king-like.
  • The conjunction of Moon and Mars produces a Yoga called ‘Chandra Mangala Yoga’ which can give enormous wealth.
  • Saturn in the 11th house with Mercury in Cancer makes the native very rich.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius with Sun in the 5th house in Leo can give great fortunes to the person.
  • Benefics in the 3rd,6th,10th or 11th houses counted from the Moon Sign make the person very rich.
  • Lord of 2,6 and 11th houses in Kendra or Trikona indicate riches to the native.
  • Jupiter conjoined with Venus makes one very rich.
  • If the 3rd house is a beneficial Sign and is occupied or aspected by benefics, the person becomes very wealthy.
  • Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd house can make one fortunate and wealthy.
  • Saturn in Libra can make one moderately wealthy.
  • Lord of the Lagna with a Kendra Lord makes one rich.

Money In Horoscope: What Do The Stars Say?

The stellar principles mentioned in many scriptures and modern-day KP astrology slightly deviate from the general astrological principles of fortune and money mentioned in classical Vedic astrology scriptures.

Following are some of the important stellar principles that indicate wealth in the horoscope.

  • Planets placed in the constellations of the occupants of the 2nd,6th, 10th or the 11th houses are the strongest significators of wealth for the native.
  • The planets present in the 2nd,6th or 11th houses and/or occupying the sub of the significators of the 2nd,6th or 11th houses can also give great wealth during their periods and sub-periods if not afflicted by their constellation lord.
  • The planets placed in the Constellations of the Lord of 2nd,6th or 11th houses are the next in the line of powerful significators of wealth for the native.
  • All of the above significations will be fully operational only if these planets are not affected by other harmful aspects or conjunctions.

The pointers given above are some of the major indications for wealth and money in the horoscope of an individual. But please remember that there are always exceptions and there is always more to it than meets the human eyes.