How do Man Made Structures Affect The Vastu of a Building?

Man-made structures and formations here refer to the buildings and other kinds of constructions that are not naturally occurring and are built by men. For example, prayer halls, banks, and commercial buildings, transformers, poles, etc, belong to this category.

Like the natural formations (hills, tree, river, etc), man-made structures also affect the Vastu of a house. We will look in detail how these man-made structures affect the people living in the nearby houses.

Effect of Temple on Vastu of the House

The effect of a temple on a house near to it is in proportion to the height of the temple and its distance from the house in question. As per Vastu principles, those houses are considered inauspicious to live in, where the shadow of the temple or flag or the tree situated inside the temple, falls.

The presence of Lord Shiva temple near a house is called “Shiva Vedehi”. This situation may lead to poverty. The fear of fire and many other mental problems can also occur.

A man may not get desired effects in his efforts if his house is near a Vishnu temple. This is called “Vishnu Vedehi”. If a Durga temple is situated near the plot the condition is called “Shakthi Vedehi” and may lead to financial and health problems.

vastu effects structure

The presence of a temple exactly in front of the house is called “Devata Vedehi”. Residents of the house constructed on such plots will have to face poverty and family quarrels.

If the temple is situated immediately behind the house it may harm the reputation and wealth accumulation capacities of the people living in the house. The temple on the left side of a house may give rise to fear and worries, whereas the temple on the right destroys wealth.

Effect of Pole on Vastu of the House

A pole right in front of the house is considered inauspicious. It may cause a lot of mental and financial problems. In such houses, positive effects from other Vastu elements in the house get nullified and may stop working.

But if the distance between the pole and the house is more than double the height of the house in question, then the pole will not have any negative effects.


If a plot has a bridge or a flyover on either South or the West direction, then that particular plot is considered auspicious for residence purposes. The bridge on the East or North is not good.

Sub Ways

As in the case of Bridges, even Sub Ways are considered auspicious in the South or the West direction, but will adversely affect the Vastu of the house if present in the North or East.

Big Buildings

A big building near a plot is not considered very auspicious as this blocks all the positive energy from entering inside the house. A big building in the North or East creates a major Vastu defect.

Large Plots (Piece of Land)

If a plot is surrounded by larger plots on all the sides the Vastu condition is considered inauspicious.

In such cases, the plot becomes sandwiched between more powerful plots and hence all the positive effects from other elements of the house may be neutralized. So try to avoid such plots.

Electric Transformers

Transformers near a house are not good unless they are in the southeast direction of the house.

If a transformer is in the southeast of the house, the family will enjoy wealth and happiness.

But if the transformers are not in the southeast direction it may cause mental tensions, headache and/or insomnia.

Public Places

Public places like railway stations, bus stands, cinema halls, etc are not considered auspicious. Due to the presence of a lot of people near such constructions round the clock, a large number of negative vibrations will be created that will affect the mental and physical health of the inmates of the house. So don’t build a house near public places. Such a condition in Vastu is called “Dharmashala Vedehi”.


The presence of an Ashram or Monastery near the house is called “Math Vedehi” and is inauspicious. This may lead to a fear of theft and robbery.

Slaughter House

Definitely inauspicious and may result in loss of reputation and a reduction in the lifespan of the family members.

Grave Yard

A house near a graveyard is highly inappropriate and inauspicious. This situation is called “Pretdhum Vedehi” and may lead to all kinds of miseries and untimely deaths.


Inappropriately built drainage may cause the wealth to wash away. But if properly built, they are considered auspicious, especially in the North and the East.

Whatever may be the direction, open drains affect the Vastu of the house negatively. If the flow of the drain located in the North or the East direction is towards the North-East angle, then it is considered extremely auspicious.