Karaka Grahas: Planets as Significators and Their Effect on Human Life

According to Vedic astrology, everything in this world whether it is subjective or objective is represented by one of the nine planets. Hence these planets are called “Significators or the Karaka Grahas”. What it means in common terms is that they are the reason for causing something.

Different Planets as Karaka Grahas

A planet in a favorable position in the horoscope will give all the good results mentioned below. If a planet or multiple planets are not placed favorably then they will result in all unwanted effects also given below.


In a horoscope, if the person is influenced by Sun he will have thin hair, brown eyes, and an energetic and dynamic personality. Sun also represents soul, king,father,higher position in government and administration, top leader,ruler,power, authority,glory,ego, dedication, external personality, character,happiness, loyalty, electricity, medicine,health,courts, doctor,money lender, places devoid of water, forts,Lord Shiva temples, gold,copper,forests,wood, forest officer, controller, wheat,wool,religious places, bone,right eye, hair.


Moon is responsible for the following things. A person influenced by the moon will have a fair complexion, attractive personality, curly hair, beautiful eyes and usually, is soft-spoken. Moon represents Manas (Mind), mother, imagination, thoughts, feelings, happiness,sleep and glow,fame,mental stability and mental health,journeys, foreign travel,sea journeys, water bodies like rivers, lakes, seas, tourism,exhibition,musical concerts, water and other liquid,liquor, milk,honey,juices,sweets, rice,white objects,glass objects, cows,hospital,restaurants, poet,gardening,left eye, blood,blood vessels,water born diseases etc.



A person influenced by Mars will be of independent nature, masculine, impressive, refined. He will have red eyes and excellent fighting spirit. He will also be ruthless and volatile. Mars also represents energy, courage, valor, younger brothers, and sisters, cousins, higher administrative positions, police, armed forces, leader, debate,logic, ambition,willpower, engineers and mechanics, all type of constructions and constructors, property,kiln, operations, opposition,determination, fighting,victory,air force, air journey, war,accidents, murder,scams,enemy,burns,wound,anger, conspiracy, cruelty,argument, debate,fire,robbery,bakery, kitchen,stones,mineral, gold,copper,bone marrow etc.


A person who is influenced by Mercury is very knowledgeable, fun-loving, versatile, calculative and friendly. Mercury also represents speech, wisdom,knowledge,intelligence, education (primary), logic,writing skills,patience, teaching, communication, trade,business, maths,accounts,astrology,astronomy, financial expert, library,publication, journalism,trade, literature,tourism,speed, gemology,editor,commerce school, institutes of higher education, vocational education institutes, courier services, doctor,postman, correspondents,dance, drama,property papers, friends, relatives, maternal uncles and aunts, adopted children edible oils, oil seeds, park,casino,playground,horse,lead, brass,skin,skin diseases etc.


Most benefic and the most auspicious planet. A person influenced by Jupiter will be big in size, with a kind heart, spiritual and knowledgeable. Jupiter also represents knowledge,intelligence,higher education, kindness,wealth,religion, respect,hospitality,prosperity, generosity,simplicity, ambition,patience,destiny, decision making, teacher, advisers,intellectuals,meditation, faith in God, yajna, spiritual knowledge, philanthropy,adult education, judiciary , law,judge, straightforwardness, philosophy, astrology, insurance companies, religious texts, trade in gold, statues, capital investment , banks, gram,gram flour, sweets,turmeric, eatable, husband,elder brothers and sisters, fat in body and abdominal regions.


The person influenced by Venus will have a magnetic personality, dark black hair, fair complexion, beautiful eyes, soft honey-coated voice. Venus represents marriage, married life, wife,partner, semen, sex, love, attraction, beauty, vitality, prosperity, splendor, grandeur, love affair, worldly pleasures, fine cloth, silk, jewellery, diamond, property, house, hidden wealth, vehicle, film, television, photography,actor, theater, music, poetry, all form of art, modelling, beauty parlor, flowers, fragrance, perfume, white objects, female servants, hotels, chemicals, medicine, materialistic happiness and luxuries, people in computer software business, eyesight, reproductive system etc.

karaka planetary significators


A person influenced by Saturn will have a tall, thin and dark complexioned body with dry hair, thick nails, and big teeth. Saturn represents sorrow, life, age, death, renunciation, poetry, labor, jobs, land, oil, petroleum and all products extracted from the earth, loan, servant, iron, leather, big industries, dirty clothes, foreign language, crippled person, disrespect, greed, prison, imprisonment, addiction, bad luck, vices, impotence, cremation ground, graveyard, black daal (Daal means pulses like lentils, peas and beans), black chana(gram), teeth, feet, wrist,excretory system etc.


Is a non-existent shadow planet. It represents unpredictable sudden encounters in life, intelligent person who lies , abnormal mental behavior, friendship with people having low moral values, cheating, abuse, theft, robbery, fear, prison, gambling, myth, hypocrisy, aged sick person, epidemics, nervous system, leprosy, respiratory diseases, itching, swelling in body, blood infection etc.


Is also another shadow planet like Rahu. Ketu represents mystery, Moksha, spirituality, languages including computer language, spy, medical/paramedical profession, inventions and discoveries, magic, black magic, fire, leather, butcher, animals with horns, dogs, colorful birds, rumors, conspiracy, corruption, hatred, suicidal tendency, germs, wound, infection,nervous disorders and skin diseases, Leukoderma, fever, pain in body etc.