Five Elements: PanchaBhoothas and How to Balance Them for a Happier Life

Five elements or Pancha Bhoothas according to the Vedic beliefs, are the five essential elements of the nature that form the basis for the creation of this cosmos. These are also called the ‘Five Great Elements’.

Do you know that the external environment or our surroundings, where we stay or work can have a direct influence on our body, mind, and life in general?

According to ancient scriptures, the five elements in the universe are responsible for the existence of this world and all the things in it, animate and inanimate.

These five elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Sky, and Air. Everything in this world is made up of these five fundamental elements.


These elements exist in different quantities and proportions in different objects. For example, a stone has the earth element in higher quantity than in a fruit which has water as the major element.

Similarly, we, human beings are also made up of these 5 elements.

According to the theory of ‘five elements’ as long as there is a balance between these elements in our body, we remain healthy and active. But if there is any disturbance in the equilibrium, the result will be mental and physical problems.

The ancient medicinal system Ayurveda gives a lot of importance to these five elements and the three doshas.

When all these five elements are in the right proportions in our surroundings a happy and prosperous life is ensured.

Balancing these Pancha Bhoothas according to the Vastu principles is very essential for a happy and prosperous living. An imbalance can cause failures, illness, financial loss, relationship crisis etc in a person’s life.

Importance of Five Elements in Vastu Shastra

Vastu aims at extracting the maximum positive effects from these five elements, that is humanly possible.

By doing this Vastu Shastra eliminates negative energy and vibrations that surround us.  If our surroundings and the habitat are not emitting positive vibrations, we can use Vastu remedies to correct those defects to some extent.

Below we have given a brief intro about each element and its place in our house.

Earth Element

By earth, we do not only mean the mother earth but also things like minerals and clay which are present on the surface or crust of the planet earth. Other substances which are mined from the earth are also considered to be composed of element earth.

The significance of Earth Element in Vastu

The materials that are necessary to construct a building are primarily “earth elements”. Also, the design of any house depends on the fact whether the form of the land chosen is favorable or not. Therefore utmost care is required while choosing the land for the building and also while choosing construction material.

The Place of Earth Element in Our Buildings

The Earth is a heavy body so it represents weight. The place of earth element in a building is South West. According to Vastu the South West corner of the building should be exalted and heavy.

This corner is best suited for bedrooms and storerooms. Since there are always beds in bedrooms or heavy goods in storerooms they will be favorable to the earth element.

So please keep in mind not to keep the southwest corner of your house empty, because it may create an imbalance of the earth element in your house. It is always best to use this southwest corner as the master bedroom.

Water Element

Water is the most essential element in the life of all living creatures. Our earth is composed of 2/3 rd of water and 1/3 of land.

Almost all the ancient civilizations developed on the banks of the rivers. It is a belief that the development of human life on this earth started from the water. It is always necessary to take proper care to ensure normal water supply to the house we stay in.

The Place of Water Element in Our Buildings

If you want to get the maximum positive effects from the water element, you should choose the North East side of your house or the plot for storing facility.

North East corner is the best-suited place for building underground tanks(not the overhead ones).

North East is the place of element water. It is believed that the sun rays emitted by the rising sun in the east will destroy all the negative elements from the water. This will result in the health and prosperity of the inhabitants who live in that particular house.

Air Element

The place of the Air element in the house is in the North West. This portion should be airy and well ventilated. Bigger windows and ventilators are recommended for this portion. This portion is best suited for guest rooms.

Some people use the northwest corners of their house for kitchen purposes. But few experts believe that this can cause breathing-related problems in the inhabitants of the house.


Because when the fire element in the kitchen mixes with the northwest element air, the resulting product will be smoke, which of course isn’t lung-friendly.  This theory, however, hasn’t been accepted unanimously.

Fire Element

Fire is being used as the fundamental source of energy from the beginning of time. Even solar energy is comprised of the Fire element.

The fire element is a symbol of courage, strength, and encouragement. Although fire is essential for the all-around progress in a person’s life, it can also cause damage if not kept under control. So it is always important to properly balance the fire element in our houses.

The Place in the Building

The South East angle of the house or the plot is called the place of fire. The kitchen is the most appropriate construction in this corner. You can also use this corner to keep electrical appliances that generate energy like generators, inverters etc.

Space Element

As the name indicates this element is all about space. Unlike other elements, this can’t be felt or seen. Our universe was born out of this space following an explosion called “Big Bang”, say the scientists.

The Place in the House

To get the optimum effects from this element, it is recommended not to have your house stuffed with all kinds of unnecessary junk.

If your house is stuffed with unnecessary furniture and other so-called decorative items, you are loosing out on the “Space” element. Don’t get me wrong.

Items of furniture are necessary and so is decorating your house. But at the same time maintaining a balance between the SPACE element and the materialistic things is also very important, says Vastu.

According to Vastu, the central portion of the house is the place for the ‘space element’.

To get the maximum positive effect, the central portion of the house should be always open.

If it is not possible then keep this portion of your house free of objects. Heavy goods are strictly prohibited in this area.

These were some of the tips to balance the five elements in your house, according to Vastu Shastra.

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