Directional Strength of Planets : How Planet’s Position Affects Its Strength

Directional strength is the strength that a planet attains due to its unique positioning in a birth chart. Directional strength is most popularly called as “Dishabala” in Vedic astrology. Because of this strength, a planet’s ability to affect positively or negatively is enhanced drastically.

What it means is that if a planet is a “Karaka Graha” in a birth chart and if it becomes Dishabali or gets directional strength its Karakatwa or ability to do good is enhanced significantly. Similarly, a “Maraka Graha’s ” ability to do bad is also increased if it becomes Dishabali. Below is the image which shows different places in a birth chart where a planet becomes Dishabali.

Directional Strength of Different Planets in a Kundali

Directional Strength of Jupiter and Mercury

These two planets become Dishabali or get the directional strength in the 1st house or the ‘Pratham Bhava’ no matter what Rashi is in the 1st house. This is regarded as the East of a zodiac or birth chart.

Jupiter represents knowledge whereas Mercury represents ‘Buddhi’ or intellect. So if either of the planets is in the 1st house on a birth chart and if they are “Karaka Grahas” in that Janma Kundali then the person will be wise and knowledgeable. But if they are Marakas in a kundali then the reverse will be true. The person might be idiotic and dumb.

directional strength of planets
Directional Strength of Planets

Sun and Mars Directional Strength

These 2 become Dishabali in the 10th house of a birth chart which is regarded as the South of a zodiac or Bhachakra. If Sun is a ‘Karaka’ he will give positive results regarding government and administrative work, the person will have a powerful personality and become successful in his/her profession. Maraka Sun will give the opposite results here. Similarly, Mars is also Dishabali in this house who will give positive or negative results according to his ‘Karakatwa or Marakatwa’.

Saturn Dishabala

Saturn becomes Dishabali in the 7th house. His directional strength comes from the West side of the Zodiac or Kundali. A karaka Saturn in this house will solidify partnerships and will give a stable relationship with the spouse. Saturn will also affect greatly on one’s own personality and make him stable. The reverse is also true if the Saturn is a Maraka in this chart. He will disrupt marriage and partnerships. Will cause difficulties in daily wages.

Moon and Venus Dishabala

These 2 planets become ‘Dishabali’ in the North direction or the 4th house in a birth chart. Moon represents mind and mother while Venus represents all the luxuries and worldly pleasures. So ‘Karakatwa” will cause positive results in these regards. If Moon is a Maraka and is placed in the 4th house in a Kundali he may affect the relationship with the mother and cause mental tensions. A ‘Maraka’ Venus will cause difficulties in gaining all the luxuries and other materialistic pleasures. He might also affect sexual health adversely.