Conjunctions in Vedic Astrology: What Happens When 2 or More Planets Join?

Conjunctions in Vedic Astrology are those unique combinations in which there are 2 or more planets together in a house or Bhava in the birth chart. Obviously different type of conjunctions have different effects on a persons life.

Different Types of Conjunctions

Conjunctions can be roughly classified into following categories.

1. Two planets in conjunction
2. Three planets in conjunction
3. Four or more planets in conjunctions

They can also be classified as benefic and malefic conjunctions depending on the nature of the planets involved. Then again different combinations in different houses will have varying effects.

Effect of 2 Planets in Conjunction in the Ascendant (As told by Garga Muni)


The native will have many sons. He will not be happy with regard to parents. He will be subjected to mental worries.


He/she will be unhappy with his father. He will be wicked. He will always wander from place to place. He will be mean. This combination in Lagna will also promote diseases arising out of defects in blood, digestive fire, and
phlegm. The native will have digestive problems, blood pressure (high if Mars is strong and low if he is devoid of strength) and phlegmatic illnesses.


Sun-Mercury :

will not have conveyances, wilt be wickedly disposed, will have ill-reputed history, will commit sinful acts, will be left out by friends and relatives.


will have little intelligence, will look ugly, will be a dunce, will be ungrateful, might be a thief and jealous.

Sun-Venus :

will hate scholars, will not have many children, will be cruel, angrily disposed, will trouble others, be fierce and dejected.

Sun-Saturn :

will be a simpleton, be sick, be given up by his relatives and will not possess good qualities.

Moon-Mars :

wicked, poor, talkative and not virtuous.


will have good speech, will be rich, beautiful, passionate, modest and will be addicted to other women.


will be good looking. long lived. very famous, will have attractive eyes and hair on the head.


will be interested in good affairs, will have a very beautiful face, be interested in being virtuous, and dear to king.

Moon-Saturn :

will earn money in bad ways, will know only bad things, be mean minded, be attached to other’s money. be linked to unsocial elements.


can easily dupe others, will be an able speaker, interested in living in foreign countries and will have bad notions.


will be insensitive, will have few sons, will entertain others, and will be interested in bad acts.


will have phlegmatic imbalances, will undertake futile jobs, will cheat others, will be ungrateful, will have a valorous son and will not achieve success in any of his undertakings.

Mars-Saturn :

will be interested in committing sinful acts, will defy others, be interested in speaking harshly, and be of a fierce disposition.


will be beautiful in appearance, be fortunate, splendorous, rich and pleasing.


will be connected with royal duties, will be worth praising by kings, will be interested in various Shastras, be rich and truthful in disposition.

Mercury – Saturn :

will be expert in carrying out the orders of the king, will possess a bad wife, be indigent and will face obstructions from the public.

Jupiter-Venus :

will be dear to king, be inclined to earn more wealth. will have more knowledge in policies, be very rich and be an exponent of Shastras to a great pro·


will be very wealthy, highly educated,· be not cunning, will face many risks, and be untruthful.


will be foolish, ungrateful, and always attached to his men. This is not a good position at all for a happy marriage. unless the Lagna is Libra, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn or Aquarius. Particularly this is more adverse for Leo, Virgo, and Aries.

More about other types of conjunctions will be discussed in future posts.

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