Aries Ascendant Birth Chart: The Effect of Mars In Different Houses of Mesha Lagna Kundali

In this post, we will see the effect of Mars in different houses in an Aries ascendant birth chart or Aries Lagna Kundali. Mars is the Lagna Lord or the Lagnesh of this Kundali. Here is a picture of Aries Lagna birth chart.

Karaka And Maraka Grahas in Aries Lagna Birth Chart

Karaka planets in the Aries Lagna Kundali are Mars, Moon, Sun, Jupiter. Maraka planets are Venus and Mercury. Saturn is an average planet which gives average results in this Mesha Lagna Kundali.

Effect of Mars in Various Houses in Aries Ascendant Birth Chart

Before beginning with each house it is important to remember that Mars aspects 4th, 7th and 8th houses along with the house he is already in.

Mars In the 1st House of Aries Ascendant Birth Chart

Here Ruchak Pancha Maha Yoga will be formed if the Mars is in the Lagna. The person has a bold personality, very active and has increased physical strength.

In the 2nd House

Good for the family. Money is also good. But will have a harsh style of talking.

In the 3rd House

Again the Jataka is courageous and bold.

aries ascendant birth chart

In the 4th House

Mars becomes Neecha (debilitated) in this house. So he gives miseries. Fight with the spouse, difficulties in the profession, loss of profits, disagreements with mother.

In the 5th House

This is a good house for Mangala or Mars. As Mars is a Karaka Graha in this Lagna Kundali he will give high chances of male childbirth. The person will also have a strong stomach and digestive system. He will also enjoy the ancestral property because of Mangala’s Drishti on the 8th house. He will also enjoy profits and foreign tours because of Mars aspects 11th and 12th houses from the 5th house along with the 8th house.

In the 6th House

This is called the House of Competition and House of diseases. So, Mars being a Karak Graha in the Aries Lagna Kundali is only going to exaggerate everything in the 6th house. He will definitely help to overcome the competition but while doing so he will increase the sufferings from diseases.

Mars here will also affect the father badly. It will also affect the finances and increase the expenses. May also give the chances of hospitalization. As Mars is also aspecting the 1st house or Tanu Bhava, the person’s body might get affected adversely.

In the 7th House

Here Mars being the Lagna Lord is aspecting the Lagna House or the 1st house. This will result in a bold personality for the individual. Such an individual will be emotionally attached to his/her spouse. Will have a caring attitude towards the spouse. He/she will also be hard working. He/she will also enjoy wealth and the warmth of the family. But his/her speech might become rude.

In the 8th House

If Mars is in the 8th house in a Mesha Lagna Kundali he/she will have to face a lot of obstacles in life. Even though it is Mars’s own house as he is a Karaka he will increase the properties of the house thereby increasing obstacles. This happens because the 8th house is the house of death or house of obstacles. This will also result in loss and chances of being isolated from the family. Will also result in the person being over aggressive in unnecessary matters. Efforts will not give good results.

In the 9th House

Mars will become good for the father. The Jataka will also be lucky and religious. Chances of foreign travel and settling in a foreign country are high. The person will also be hardworking and will have a younger brother. He/she will also enjoy regular short trips. This will have good effects on the mother. And will also enjoy all the luxuries like a vehicle, house, etc.

In the 10th House

In the 10th house, he will be exalted so will give great results. It will have good effects on the profession and personality. This Jataka will have a great relationship with the mother. He/She will also enjoy luxuries. Will increase the chances of having a male child.

In the 11th House

Mars in the house of profits will give good results because he is a Karaka Graha in this Aries Lagna Kundali. He will fulfill all the desires of the person. He will also aspect the 2nd house from here which results in increased wealth. But this might cause a rude way of speaking in the individual. Will again increase the chance of male childbirth. Will also increase love and romance and the health of the stomach and digestive tract. He will also help in eliminating competition and emerging as a winner. But might cause small curable diseases.

In the 12th House

This house is also called the house of loss. If Mars is placed in this house in an Aries Lagna birth chart he will cause great loss to the person. He will also result in hardships and lack of success. The native may also suffer from diseases and experience cut-throat competition in any chosen field. Mars in the 12th house in Aries ascendant chart or the Aries Lagna kundali may also affect marriage and partnerships adversely.

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