5 planets in the Ascendant And Their Effect On The Person’s Life

Do you want to know the effect of 5 planets in the Ascendant on the life of the person? If yes, here is an article that shows you how conjunction or Yuti of 5 planets may affect the person to whom the horoscope belongs.

These effects may vary depending on the strength of individual planets involved in conjunction, aspects, nature of planets, the strength of the Ascendant, etc.

The effects given below are directly taken from some of the ancient scriptures. So the language, words and/or the way sentences are framed may be different from the ones we do today.

Effect of 5 Planets in the Ascendant in the Birth Chart


When there is a conjunction of 5 planets in the ascendant involving Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter the native may be very wealthy. He or she may be interested in Shastras/ancient holy scriptures, be dear to elders, and be emotionally attached to his/her sons.


The native having such conjunction of 5 planets in the ascendant may be virtuous, be good looking, and be devoted to helping the public. He or she may be very liberal when it comes to donating something.


The conjunction of 5 planets in the ascendant involving Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Saturn may result in a person who may be brutal, be unkind, maybe strong-bodied, and be bereft of wisdom.


The conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in the ascendant may give rise to a personal constitution that may be firm in disposition, very efficacious, but cruel. He or she may be a poet, be famous but dejected.


Such a person may have a wounded body, may eat a lot, be unjustly disposed, be very splendorous and highly given to sexual desires.


Such a person may have an interest in others wealth, may have a foul smell in the body and be cruel.

5 planets in the asendant


Maybe endowed with sons, learning, wealth and relatives, and may have attractive eyes, ears, teeth, and nose.


The conjunction of planets in the ascendant involving Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn may result in a person that has a sickly body, will be bilious and phlegmatic in temperament and will always move in forests.


Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn conjunction in the ascendant may give rise to a person who has his/her own business. Who also may have income through arts, be liberal in giving away gifts. He or she may be endowed with all pleasures.


The person who has a conjunction of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus in his/her ascendant in the birth chart, such a person may be very honest. For him or her serving justice is the supreme purpose of life.

Such a person is usually virtuous. He or she will mostly be truthful, be dear to the virtuous, and may have pleasing looks.


In many cases, a person with such a planetary combination in the horoscope may be fearless. But occasionally such a person may be inactive/lazy or foolish. The individual with this conjunction in the ascendant is usually religious.


The individual who has a conjunction of 5 planets in the Ascendant that involves Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn may have life dominated by troubles. He or she may have an emaciated body.

The person with this planetary configuration likes to spend a lot, because of which frequent episodes of the shortage of money is experienced. Such a person may also be frequently involved in promoting quarrels between two individuals and may also cheat.


Such a person may have a lavish lifestyle, will eat and drink abundantly, may be interested in possessing conveyances, may possess attractive eyes but be unkind.


Such a person may consider piousness as supreme, be a good singer, be very strong, very happy and truthful.


May be interested in comforts, will always be pure and clean, will be interested in listening to auspicious stories, will have a beautiful body and be the leader of men.


May have good (strong?) knees and feet, will follow elders, might enjoy fame, wealth and happiness, be interested in performing sacrifices, worship, etc.


May have more gains, will be subjected to fear, will contact venereal diseases due to sexual union with women from lower economic strata and will wander purposelessly.


Maybe endowed with happiness, will have a fleet of horses(conveyances), will have many friends, be proud, enjoys the company of good people and will befriend elders.

Moon-Mercury-Jupiter- Venus-Saturn

May have lots of horses, will practice self-restraint, will present an artificial disposition ( while inwardly he will be of a different nature), will be pious and will have parents with him for a long time.


May consider money as the most important aim in the early part of life, will have knowledge of Shastras, may conquer his/her five senses in the latter part of life and maybe pious to the Almighty.

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