3 planets in Ascendant: What Happens When 3 Planets Get Together In Lagna or the 1st House

The conjunction of 3 planets in Ascendant has some unique effects on an individual’s life and character in general. These effects may vary depending on the individual strengths of planets, the Ascendant itself, nature of planets involved, placement of other planets in the birth chart and their aspects and conjunctions, etc.

3 Planets in Ascendant: Following are the Effects of This Conjunction

Sun-Moon-Mars: will be liked by his/her elders, may be handicapped in some way, might be a liar and cruel, foolish.

Sun-Moon-Mercury: Person will be foolish. May be subjected to the heart or/and mental diseases. Might also suffer from the nervous breakdown.

Sun-Moon-Jupiter: Person will be very famous and rich, will be respected by all in his/her society and will hold a very high position. Might succeed really well in politics.

Sun-Moon-Venus: Will be very wealthy and earn his/her wealth through legal and righteous ways. He/she will also be blessed with an early marriage and a good spouse.

3 planets in ascendant

Sun-Moon-Saturn: Native may be short-lived, sick, sinful, always engaged in quarrels and might also have a scary appearance. Sun, Saturn combination in Ascendant is not considered good for longevity, especially in Aries and Libra Ascendants.

Sun-Mars-Mercury: Person will be hard working but might always be troubled with health problems especially related to the digestive tract and rheumatic pains.

Sun-Mars-Jupiter: This person will be highly egoistic, very proud, indulged in vices and illegal activities especially addicted to horse racing.High chances of suffering from Liver disorders.

Sun-Mars-Venus: This person will be loved by all his relatives and friends, will be a chief and will win over his enemies. Might be addicted to sex and high chances of getting venereal diseases like Syphilis. This person’s spouse might not have a very long life.

Sun-Mars-Saturn: Person will be short-lived, be untruthful, sickly in appearance, and will be subjected to diseases and will also have a wealthy wife or a spouse that will be the reason for all his wealth.

Sun-Mercury-Jupiter: will be skillful, will advance through his undertakings, will have many friends and be an expert in war.

Sun-Mercury-Venus: Will be modest, humble and very well learned.

Sun-Mercury-Saturn: will be exposed to penury and diseases, will not have good qualities, be unjust and be forsaken by his own men and others as well.

Sun-Jupiter-Venus: Will be a leader of men, will have many children and will have no enemies.

Sun-Jupiter-Saturn: Will have a lot of enemies and will always be engaged in sinful deeds. And is generally weak.

Sun-Venus-Saturn: Will undertake many professions but might find it difficult to accumulate wealth because of his/her expensive hobbies and vices.

Moon-Mars-Mercury: Will be highly learned and well respected, will enjoy a beautiful large house to live in, will be very rich and will have no enemies.

Moon-Mars-Jupiter: Will be happy, very prestigious, be attached to his work, be virtuous, will have may friends and will be a great person.

Moon-Mars-Venus: Will be subjected to much grief. Will have vices, will have highly placed relatives, be very intelligent and be bright in appearance.

Moon-Mars-Saturn:  Will be ever modest, be fond of guests, be interested in donating and doing charity, be very wise and will earn a lot.

Moon-Mercury-Venus: will be a king or a leader, will possess an attractive physique, be very valorous and be always happy.

Moon-Mercury- Venus: Will excel in subjects related to justice and law and will be a virtuous human being.

Moon-Jupiter-Venus: will marry a woman from higher society, will always have rich and delicious food to eat, be very happy and will donate regularly.

Moon-Jupiter-Saturn: Will have the attractive physique, will have many enemies and always indulge in bad deeds, will also have specialized knowledge related to poison.

Moon-Venus-Saturn: will have sons and money, be very religious, bright minded and good by heart.

Mars-Mercury-Jupiter: will always be modest, will gain in several ways from foreign countries, be famous. and be favorably disposed towards his dependents.

Mars-Mercury-Venus: will have broad eyes and face, will be sweet in speech, and will have always be truthful.

Mars-Mercury-Saturn: will be unjust, will be an outlaw, will have a bad wife, have few sons, and will kill animals.

Mars-Jupiter-Venus: will have good character, will be endowed with virtues, wealth and children and will also be religious and spiritually disposed.

Mars-Jupiter-Saturn: Will be wicked, dominated by wife and poor.

Mars-Venus-Saturn: Always confused and will have a lot of enemies.

Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: Will be money minded, have a great appearance and attractive body, always attached to the opposite sex, friendly and valorous.

Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: Will be a hardcore nonvegetarian, rough, insensitive and usually hated by others.

Mercury-Venus-Saturn: Short tempered, always engaged in a fight, will have a high libido.

Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: will be very religious, will find delight in the contemplation of the Supreme Spirit(Highly Spiritual), will advocate final Emancipation effectively (Jnana), and be devoid of fear.

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